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  • Bangalore Software Companies

    Bangalore Software Companies




    List of all the software companies in bangalore and their corporate address. This app also lists all the branches of the company in Bangalore city. A must have app for all the software employees. All the contents of this application is accessible even when you are offline. Most of the...

  • Smart Compass

    Smart Compass




    Shows the directions North, East, West, South. Install Compass app on your device. Its incredibly simple and powerful. Very useful for long distance travel. Keywords: compass, kompas, kompasas, kompassi, kumpas, busole, busolo, boussole, pusula, πυξίδα, iránytű, 指南针, 나침반, コンパス, เข็มทิศ, компас,...

  • Inspirational Sayings Quotes

    Inspirational Sayings Quotes




    Famous quotes to motivate and inspire you. A large collection of hand picked inspirational quotes. The app is intended to motivate you to achieve your goals. Includes quotes about happiness, dreams, life, attitude, success etc. Includes quotes from famous personalities. Inspiration can be...

  • Love Quotes

    Love Quotes




    Many times the heart wants to speak volumes but it fall short of words. Find the perfect love quotes here for such occasions and let them speak for you. Collection of hand picked romantic love quotes that you can share with your loved ones. New quotes are added every week. The app lets you...

  • Financial Money Quote

    Financial Money Quote




    Compilation of famous quotes about money and management of finance. A large collection of hand picked quotes about money and its management. Quotes are drawn from experiences of famous personalities and investors. A must have app for all people who invest their money. The quotes are the kind of...

  • Complete Chanakya Niti

    Complete Chanakya Niti


    Chanakya was a professor of political science in the ancient Takshashila University. He moved from the university to unify india which was under multiple selfish regional kings. He planned the downfall of Nanda rulers. Chanakya was the advisor for the first Maurya emperor Chandragupta's rise...

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