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    Download Noteable (Notepad) Noteable (Notepad) icon
    Noteable (Notepad)

    Simply complex. Need to make a quick note? Then Noteable might be for you. With one press of the finger you are typing a new note or editing a previous note. Its not flashy. Its not loaded with features. It does one thing: takes notes quickly and efficiently. ***Completely new design for Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)*** Features: +two pane m…

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    Download River Tubin' (Tubing) River Tubin' (Tubing) icon
    River Tubin' (Tubing)

    Put on your bathing suit and blow up your inner tube and get ready for some summer fun in a new game exclusively for Android: River Tubin'. Play the first 9 levels FREE then for a mere 99 cent (ON SALE this month only) one time in-app purchase you can play the remaining 27+ levels. That's 30+ levels for only 99 cents. River Tubin’ is a re…

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    Download Bubble Wrap Live Wallpaper Bubble Wrap Live Wallpaper icon
    Bubble Wrap Live Wallpaper

    ***** Check out my new game Boomshine' ***** It's bubble wrap on your home screen. What more is there to say? So pop away at the fake bubbles. I made a bubble wrap popping game a few years ago for Java feature phones and debated on bringing it to Android. I decided it wasn't worthy but thought a live wallpaper might be OK. It's no…

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    Download List It Plus List It Plus icon
    List It Plus

    ***** Check out my new game River Tubin' ***** Simply complex. Need to make a list of things you need to do or get. Then "List It Plus" is for you. Its simple and easy to use interface will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. New Feature for version 4.1: +Print your lists via Google Cloud Print (Menu -> Print) Lear…

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    Download Busy Bees Live Wallpaper Busy Bees Live Wallpaper icon
    Busy Bees Live Wallpaper

    Busy honey bees at work. Watch as they swarm around their beehive against a backdrop of flowers. The picture of flowers was taken at the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens 2011 Spring Celebration in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Touch the screen to spawn more bees (spawned bees swarm around once then are removed).

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    Download Butterfly Roses Live Wallpaper Butterfly Roses Live Wallpaper icon
    Butterfly Roses Live Wallpaper

    Simply elegant. Be mesmerized by the complex beauty of the butterfly. It is soothing to the eye. The awesome picture of the roses was taken at Portland's International Rose Test Garden in Oregon. While the butterfly is the focal point it allows for one to sense the delicate nature of the rose. But do not be fooled by the simplicity of this live…

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    Download Victorian Gothic Chandelier LW Victorian Gothic Chandelier LW icon
    Victorian Gothic Chandelier LW

    Victorian Gothic Chandelier Live Wallpaper The romance of a bygone time. The Victorian style. The gothic design. A whimsical chandelier. This picture was taken at a mansion that was built in the early 1900s. Enjoy the subtle flickering of the lights and sparkles as this chandelier comes to life.

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