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News: BBC Urdu

Your comprehensive and personalized view of headline stories and local news. Shows you all the latest news headlines as soon as published. Converts Urdu text into readable format for all Android versions and different devices. Categories: • Headlines - صفحہ اول • World - آس پاس • Pakistan - پاکستان • India - انڈیا • Sports - کھیل • Entertainment -…

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Islam 101

This app covers the fundamental principles and beliefs of Islam. Islam is the way of life that compasses every aspect of a Muslim’s life --- personal, social, economic, political, legal, and religious, etc. The primary objective of this app is to address the information needs of non-Muslims who are interested in learning about Islam. This will als…

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This free app lets you read the latest updates in Urdu from major Urdu news sources around the world. Our goal was to create a multi-source Urdu news reader with the best possible reading experience. So, on Khabarnama, users can quickly read the news feeds in a simple and intuitive user interface. Consuming content at places without an internet con…

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Tafheem-ul-Quran - a complete Qur’an with translations & tafseer by Moulana Syed Abul Ala Moududi. Also includes sura introductions and audio recitations with Urdu tarjuma by Moulana Moududi. A complete app to read, recite and learn the Holy Qur’an in Urdu. The Tafhim-ul-Quran is a translation and explanation of the Qur'an by Abul Ala Maud…

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Fehm-ul-Quran (Learn in Urdu)

A complete Qur’an with 7 Urdu translations and 7 audio recitations with Urdu tarjuma. Includes specialized features for all users (from beginners to advanced), to read, recite and learn the Holy Qur’an in Urdu. It’s the most comprehensive Qur’an app in Urdu language ever designed for any smart phone or tablet. Seven Urdu translations to read, lear…

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Iqbaliyat (Urdu)

Its a collection of poetry from Baal-e-Jibreel, by the national poet of Pakistan Dr. Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal. This project is to foster an awareness of the work of Allama Iqbal. Features: - More than 75 poems - No internet connection required after download - Share your favourite poetries with others, - Mark your favourite poems - Introduction…

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