Barbara Brown, PhD

  • Manage Employee Performance

    Manage Employee Performance




    This App contains 121 Skills employees (direct reports) need to perform successfully. Use this information to identify the types of employee Behaviors that lead to positive contributions. The App also contains 11 Examples of ways to evaluate the Impact of employee contributions and 16 Examples...

  • Solve Problems At Work

    Solve Problems At Work




    Workplace problems can involve customer service, productivity, quality, and more. This App contains information that individuals, teams, groups, managers, or leaders can use to solve these types of workplace problems by applying some basic problem solving and decision making Techniques....

  • Coaching: Career, Performance

    Coaching: Career, Performance


    As a manager, you will have to coach employees about careers, performance, or other general topics. The popular 4-Step GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, What Next) Model offers a flexible and easy-to-use format to effectively manage those coaching discussions. The format uses QUESTIONS at each of...

  • Teamwork: Lead, Manage Teams

    Teamwork: Lead, Manage Teams


    With Teamwork you want individuals to work together to achieve Team Goals. This may be the case if you are a manager with ongoing responsibilities, or someone who has been selected to lead a short-term project. In either case, it is useful to have Teamwork Techniques to use as a Guide. Contents...

  • Praise, Criticize Performance

    Praise, Criticize Performance


    As a manager you will need to praise and criticize employee performance. The key is to give this feedback in a way that encourages and motivates. This App contains the following information to assist managers with praise and criticism: 1. Ideas on When and How to Praise. 2. Ideas on When and...

  • Leadership Performance

    Leadership Performance




    This App contains 197 Skills needed to effectively perform as a leader. These Skills describe the Behaviors to use when leading others. Contents offer a Comprehensive Approach to leadership performance. 1. Identify different types of leadership behaviors you can use to perform successfully 2....

  • Total Workplace Performance

    Total Workplace Performance




    This App COMBINES ALL the Skills from the following Four Apps: 1. Leadership Performance 2. Communication Performance 3. Personal Performance 4. Workload Management It contains 734 Skills, Behaviors, and Actions needed to succeed in the workplace. The 734 Skills are grouped into Four...

  • Communication Performance

    Communication Performance




    This App contains 186 Skills needed to communicate effectively. These Skills describe the Behaviors to use when communicating with others. Contents offer a Comprehensive Approach to communication performance: 1. Identify different types of communication behaviors you can use to perform...

  • Praise, Criticize, Review

    Praise, Criticize, Review


    This App COMBINES ALL THE INFORMATION from the following TWO Apps: 1. Praise, Criticize Performance 2. Conduct Performance Reviews Content Includes: 1. Ideas on When and How to Praise AND Criticize. 2. Examples of Ways to Praise AND Criticize. 3. Formulas to Structure the feedback...

  • Personal Performance

    Personal Performance


    This App contains 147 Skills needed to successfully perform on a personal and professional level in the workplace. These Skills describe Behaviors to use to manage personal performance. Contents offer a Comprehensive Approach to personal performance: 1. Identify different types of personal...

  • Conduct Performance Reviews

    Conduct Performance Reviews


    This App contains useful techniques to help managers prepare for performance reviews and manage performance discussions. Contents include: 1. Ideas on how to Start and End the performance review. 2. Questions Managers can use to prepare for the review. 3. Questions Employees can use to prepare...

  • Give Feedback And Coach

    Give Feedback And Coach




    This App COMBINES ALL THE INFORMATION from the following THREE Apps: 1. Praise, Criticize Performance 2. Conduct Performance Reviews 3. Coaching: Career, Performance (Data uses the QUESTIONS Format from the popular 4-Step GROW Model - Goal, Reality, Options, What Next) Content Includes: 1....

  • Delegate Effectively At Work

    Delegate Effectively At Work


    Delegation is an important skill for managers. This App includes detailed information on Ways To Delegate Effectively. The Dozens of Delegation Techniques offer ways to choose tasks, choose people, and monitor performance. These Delegation Techniques will help managers: 1. Choose the Correct...

  • Leadership: Direct & Motivate

    Leadership: Direct & Motivate




    If you are in a leadership role (e.g., manager, supervisor, team leader), you have to Direct and Motivate employees. You Tell employees which jobs to do and you Encourage them to do jobs well. But employees perform differently. Some are high performers, medium performers, and low performers....

  • Working With Difficult People

    Working With Difficult People




    Some people (subordinates, peers, or bosses) can be difficult to work with. They impede performance, stifle creativity, and do other things that make it hard to maintain effective working relationships. This APP contains techniques you can use to: 1. Manage Your Interactions With Difficult...

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