Bart Peeters

  • Luxom domotica




    Luxom domotica controller. Home automation luxom client for the luxom hardware. Visit Remote control for your home using luxom hardware

  • WebRelay




    With this application it is possible to control 8 relays. The 8 relays are on board with an Ethernet connection. 8 that you can relay on and off via LAN or the Internet. There are several configurations possible. Up to 24 relays can be controlled. Contact us at for...

  • SMS Voice CallerID




    This app use the Text to Speech engine to speak the caller displayname (if in contacts) when a sms message coming in. You can write your message as a setting. Before or after the callerID. Activate or discativat the service. Tested on android 2.2 NOTICE!!! Disable or choose silent ringtone in the...

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