• Assyrian





    By the creators of Assyrian ABCs Who are the Assyrians? This independent app is fun, informative, educational, and down right exciting! Enjoy the proverbs and sayings that have passed down countless generations and feel free to dance 'Resh Khigga'...

  • Sahra Moon Story

    Sahra Moon Story




    Take a journey into the wilderness to discover animals and magic of the night. Moon, an interactive Assyrian Children's book, is a colorful way to build Assyrian reading skills. On their way to dreamland, readers will enjoy rich illustrations, read-along narration, and interactive animals...

  • StanCoFair





    The Official Stanislaus County Fair's fun and interactive mobile app will give users a schedule of events, an interactive map, a planner, fair information and much more! The app will allow you to quickly and easily find the information for this year's Stanislaus County Fair to make your...

  • Interactive ABCs

    Interactive ABCs


    Your children will actually learn the alphabet with this app! Trapped in the jungle safari with wild animals, you and your children are one tap away from exploring a world of lions, zebras, elephants and so much more! Repetition, Repetition, Repetition…With Interactive ABCs, children will be...

  • Assyrian ABCs

    Assyrian ABCs




    Assyrian ABCs is the #1 Children’s Neo-Aramaic Assyrian alphabet app! Trapped in the jungle with wild animals, you and your children are one tap away from preserving the Assyrian Neo-Aramaic language! Kids will have a blast learning the Assyrian Neo-Aramaic alphabet and building vocabulary...

  • Cal State Fair Unofficial

    Cal State Fair Unofficial




    Going to the California State Fair? This is your unofficial guide to the fair! Find Events and Venues, create a custom Planner for your day(s) at the fair, and learn about the State Fair’s rich History. Simply download the app to search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax, and play! The...

  • liveWants





    The app for your New Year's resolution. Really live the life you Want. UPDATE: hi, we've fixed the issues that users have been commenting about in the ratings & reviews section. The app is brand new and we're committed to our early adopting users. A visual list for anything you...

  • Dear Santa

    Dear Santa




    Hohoho! Santa Claus here! It’s that time of the year to write our greetings to Santa, our friends and family and here is the perfect app for just that! Choose from many different greetings and Christmas themed backgrounds and share with friends through Facebook, email, or even text messages....

  • AppLolla unofficial

    AppLolla unofficial




    Looking for events at Lollapalooza 2012? A Chow Town experience? Or how about connecting with the artists and history of Lollapalooza? Simply download AppLolla for Android to search for concert events to go to, places to eat, shop, drink and play! Lollapalooza is full of fantastic things to see...

  • Map Note

    Map Note




    By the creators of NOTE: This app is solely intended for the Samsung Galaxy Note device. Map Note requires S Pen Galaxy Note functionality to function properly. Giving directions to a destination just got easier. You simply draw your directions over a live map or...

  • Turlock CVB

    Turlock CVB




    Looking for a place to eat in Turlock? A hotel nearby? A vintage clothing store? Or how about a local event to attend? Simply download the Turlock CVB app for Android to search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play! Turlock is full of fantastic things to see and do. As home of world...

  • ViBe





    By the creators of Pick a contact and set or create a unique vibration pattern – it's that easy! You can now create your own personalized ViBe patterns through the custom ViBe feature - just draw something on the screen!. ViBe notifications also work with SMS &...

  • Color Connect

    Color Connect




    By the creators of The penguins have come to town ... they're ready to hit the gym, dine out, and party hard! Make your custom penguin happy and watch them come to life! Don't type your Facebook and Twitter status... shake it. Color Connect lets you share your...

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