• Chiesa in Musica

    Chiesa in Musica




    Parole chiave: Chiesa, musica, spartiti, accordi, testi, mp3 Musica liturgica: Musica liturgica è un'applicazione grazie alla quale si possono recuperare testi, accorsi, spartiti, mp3 e midi di molti canti che vengono cantati durante la liturgia nella chiesa. Tramite i bottoni "aggiorna...

  • Ani Math

    Ani Math




    Math for kids like at school: Math is an application that will allow your child to become familiar with the basics of mathematics. In a simple and fun, the calculations are proposed which will allow the child to learn while having fun. This simple application can be a great tool to help your...

  • FlashSMS





    Purpose of SpeedySMS is to help user to send sms quickly and with 3 screen touch. The application is divided in 4 tabs: - First tab (when configuration are done) contain a list of saved message so the user can pressing on one of it, send it quickly - Second tab allow the user to pre-configurate...

  • Angry Bomb

    Angry Bomb


    Go through the labyrinth avoiding the bombs that you will find on the way

  • Bike Sizer

    Bike Sizer




    Do you want a new bike but you are not sure of the correct size of the chassis? With this new app, could you make based on your physical data, the correct chassis size to improve your performance... All data can be saved and used every time you need it

  • SpeedySMS





    Purpose of this application is to quickly send text messages (SMS) previously configured. Often, it is necessary to send the same message multiple times (ie: meet us at Rock Café) For this reason, you can set the default messages (with parameters) to speed the sending of the message. In...

  • FiFtHeEn Game

    FiFtHeEn Game




    Test The aim of the game is to get as close as possible to 15 without cross it. At first it's your turn: you must choose a number to play and, automatically, the PC will choose its number. The two scores will be added and will compose your total. Now you can choose whether to do...

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