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  • Stock Quotes Lite

    Stock Quotes Lite


    Stock Quotes is a tool for your stock quotes needs which doesn't get in your way. Speed and timely delivery of Reminders (notifications) is the nature. Set your own threshold to reminded when any of it are met. This full version enable you to add as many stock symbols as you prefer. The lite...

  • What The Chuck?!

    What The Chuck?!




    You think you know Chuck Norris? Think again. Get ready for some ridiculously laughable quotes the human race ever invented for this Chuck guy. With hundreds of quotes currently available, MOCK them to your Facebook accounts and let the comment wars begin. Upcoming features in our next release...

  • Love Quotes

    Love Quotes


    A collection of the finest Love Quotes transformed into timeless wisdom from all around the world. Like a fine wine, love in its most humbled existence is naturally finer as time nourishes its flavors. Love Quotes encourages you to share these fine words of love with friends as love is about...

  • Kutipan Cinta

    Kutipan Cinta




    Temukan kutipan-kutipan mengenai cinta untuk memberikan inspirasi kepada kehidupan cinta anda. Kerap kali dalam waktu-waktu yang anda habiskan untuk mencintai dan belajar untuk mencintai dengan menerima, keterbatasan kita dalam pengetahuan kita mengenai cinta memberikan jalan yang hampir buntu....

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