Bayer CropScience UK Ltd

  • Bayer Product Manual




    This app has been produced as a simple to use, fit in your pocket version of the popular Bayer CropScience UK Product Manual. At the click of a button, you will find key information on all core Bayer CropScience UK products, including: - Tank-partners - Directions for use -...

  • Bayer Pest Spotter




    Bayer CropScience's Pest Spotter app is designed to help growers and advisers in the UK to identify pests of commercial arable and vegetable crops. Based on the popular Pest Spotter books, the app contains photographs of over 70 pests, which are easily found either through selecting crop and...

  • Bayer Weed Spotter




    Based on the extremely popular Bayer CropScience weed guide, the weed spotter app takes weed identification in UK arable and vegetable crops one step further, by allowing users to make accurate identification using a unique interactive filtering system. The app has colour photos of nearly 100...

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