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  • Hidden Objects - Beverly Hills




    Hidden Objects Beverly Hills - Photo Hunt & Finder Game Time is a classic Hidden Object Game where you play in Adventure, Chill, and Traditional Modes in over 16 Beautifully crafted scenes in the Richest, most elite town in Los Angeles! Explore the riches of Beverly Hills California and...

  • ATM Simulator: Kids Money FREE




    ATM Simulator - Money, Cash, Checking Account & ATM Games & Simulator make learning about ATM machines fun, and the best part is, it's free with daily bonuses! ATM simulator allows you to apply for a checking account, & pretend to use an ATM machine to take out money, deposit...

  • Injection Vaccine & Blood Draw




    Injections, Vaccines, Shots, Blood Draws, and Intravenous & IV Starts - As Head Nurse at the Hospital Clinic, it is your job to give injections, vaccines, shots, draw blood, give medications, and start IV lines! Injection, Vaccine, and Blood Draw Simulator lets you do just that! Take care...

  • Cookies & Ice Cream Desserts




    Cookies & Ice Cream are a great combination on any occasion, including dessert, birthdays & Summer! Make & Bake your Cookies, and Top your Ice Cream Cone with Delicious Frozen Ice Cream Scoops! Cookies, Ice Cream Scoops, and toppings including chocolate, gummy bears, sugary treats,...

  • Coffee & Donuts Maker FREE




    Coffee & Donuts is a Delicious, Fun and Free Cooking Game for Kids of all Ages! Make, Bake & Cook Fried Donuts, Eat them up, then Select a Coffee Drink and Drink it after! Decorate your Donuts with Candy, Toppings, Chocolate, Sprinkles, Gummy bears, and more! Then Drink your Coffee...

  • Fat Lady Fitness - Drop Weight




    Fat Lady Fitness is on a quest to lose weight - Burn the Fat, drop the lbs, build muscle, and slim her waist down pound by pound! Weight checks after every level, and exercises like Jump Rope and Hurdles to keep the weight from coming back on! Watch the pounds melt away as she jump ropes her...

  • Ice Cream Bars & Popsicle City




    Ice Cream Bars, Popsicles, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Soft Serve Ice Cream are at your fingertips! Ice Cream Bars Maker & Cooking Games lets you make 4 different kinds of Ice Cream in one Game! Make Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Choose from Neapolitan, Vanilla, Chocolate And Strawberry Ice...

  • Double Diamond Candy Slot FREE




    Double Diamond Candy Slot Machine is a fun and realistic twist on the Double Diamond series Slot Machines in Vegas! Play to Win Big and try to get the Double Diamond Bonus for the Jackpot! Start playing with 200 FREE credits, and tap Spin to get started! Bet the Maximum Credits to maximize...

  • ER Doctor City Emergency FREE




    Emergency ER Doctor Games: Newborn Baby & Mommy Care and Baby Birth with Cesarean Section, Dentist Office, Surgery Simulator & Surgeon Doctor, Dentist Office Kids, Blood Draw & Injection Simulator and Ambulance Nurse EMT Care! Newborn Baby Care - Triplets Birth - Deliver Triplets in...

  • Sextuplets Newborn Baby Birth




    Sextuplets Newborn Baby & Mommy Birth & Games lets you take care of SIX babies at once! Can you handle it, and still keep your cool!? Six Babies have just arrived, and Mommy is feeling very overwhelmed! It is your job to keep these babies fed, bathed, dressed, and ready for the day, to...

  • Cake Pop Maker - Cooking Games




    Cake Pop Maker - Cooking Cake Games! Do you enjoy Food Maker Games & being at home in the kitchen baking & cooking up cakes & desserts? Do you want to make delicious Cake Pops from scratch, but don't have time to clean up the mess? You can make a delicious variety of Cake Pops...

  • Slushy Maker Celebrity FREE




    Slushies & Slushy drinks are all the rage for the Summer & even the Fall! Every kid wants to drink a Slushy Drink, and mix and match flavors galore! Well you can do that here in this game, right now! Tap the button in slushies to choose a medley of flavors including strawberry, pina...

  • Baby ER Nurse: Infant Care




    Baby ER Nurse is a delightfully entertaining game for kids! Play Emergency Nurse and treat all the babies that are sick! Choose from over 6 adorable babies! Then choose from over 4 activities including Baby Nurse, Baby Bath, Baby Care, and Baby Dressup! Plenty for kids to do, tons of outfits,...

  • Blood Draw Injection Simulator




    Blood Draw and Injection Simulator lets you become a phlebotomist in the Hospital Lab! Start the patient's IV before they go into Surgery, the operating room, clinic, and prep them for their procedure! Play 4 Games total including: Intravenous IV Start - Start the patient's IV, and get...

  • Sparkle Nail Salon Shop FREE




    Sparkle Nails is a fun and creative Nail Salon and Shop where you can get creative decorating, painting and putting tons of bling on nails, and getting fun manicures at the local spa! The best part of Sparkle Nail Salon is that everything is free and unlocked! Tons of Polish is available at...

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