Beansprites LLC

  • School Lunch Maker




    School Lunch Maker is a delicious app that lets you decorate your school lunch tray with your favorite foods! Grab some sandwiches, hamburgers, and grilled cheese and more as your main dish! Then snag some healthy fruit options like apples, berries, and pineapple and more!! Then add some side...

  • Pies - Cooking Games Kids FREE




    Pies Make & Bake is a delicious game where you can make, cook & bake mouth watering homemade pies from scratch! Make over 10 delicious pies including: Cherry, Apple, Peach, Chocolate Cream Pie, Key Lime, Cheesecake, Blueberry, Lemon Meringue, Double Cream Lemon, and even Pumpkin Pie!...

  • Hidden Objects Haunted Mystery


    Haunted Mansions, Houses, Haunted Places, mysterious worlds, and creepy forests await in places you would never roam, and Dark Nights where creatures of the night come out to play! Play over 48 unique levels full of Stunning Visuals in this Hidden Objects Game with 3 games in one! Intriguing...

  • Blood Draw Injection Simulator




    Blood Draw and Injection Simulator lets you become a phlebotomist in the Hospital Lab! Start the patient's IV before they go into Surgery, the operating room, clinic, and prep them for their procedure! Play 4 Games total including: Intravenous IV Start - Start the patient's IV, and get...

  • Celebrity Ice Cream Maker FREE




    Celebrity Ice Cream Shop is an Ice Cream making app fit for a Celebrity!! Choose from a vast selection of colorful cones, chocolate cones, and some dipped in nuts, and sprinkles! Then go and drag your ice cream to your cone, and build it up like a tower! Not only fun to decorate, but fun to...

  • Blood Draw & Injection Doctor


    Blood Draw and Injection Simulator lets you become a phlebotomist in the Hospital Lab! Play 4 Games total including: Intravenous IV Start - Start the patient's IV, and get the fluids going! Intravenous IV Start with Medication Injection - Start the IV in the vein, and inject the medicine!...

  • Coloring Book Fairytale FREE




    Coloring Book & Painting Pages - Fairytale Edition is a fun, and enchanted Coloring Book for your little ones! Includes over 20 pages of Enchanted Drawings straight out of Fairytale Characters, and Backgrounds! Color & Paint pages full of Fairytale Characters, Fairies, Enchanted...

  • Candy Apples & Snow Cones FREE




    Play a fun game for kids with two games in one - Candy Apples & Snow Cones just like you get at the Carnival! Candy Apples & Snow Cones for Kids is a delicious and free cooking game where you get to make delicious Fair Food treats from scratch! In Snow Cones, scoop up some ice into the...

  • Baby ER Nurse: Infant Care




    Baby ER Nurse is a delightfully entertaining game for kids! Play Emergency Nurse and treat all the babies that are sick! Choose from over 6 adorable babies! Then choose from over 4 activities including Baby Nurse, Baby Bath, Baby Care, and Baby Dressup! Plenty for kids to do, tons of outfits,...

  • Cake Pop Maker - Cooking Games




    Cake Pop Maker - Cooking Cake Games! Do you enjoy Food Maker Games & being at home in the kitchen baking & cooking up cakes & desserts? Do you want to make delicious Cake Pops from scratch, but don't have time to clean up the mess? You can make a delicious variety of Cake Pops...

  • Surgery Simulator Doctor FREE




    Play as a Real Surgeon and Doctor and Help Patients have a successful Surgery & Speedy Recovery with this Simulator! Get Ready to play and schedule up to 7 Surgeries Total! Surgeries include: Heart Surgery, Stomach, Ear, Hand, Foot, Knee & Sinus Surgeries using realistic Surgical tools...

  • Hidden Object: Magical Castles




    Enter a magical, mystical world of puzzle, and mystery with Hidden Objects: Magic Castles FREE! Explore gorgeous, detailed environments, all unique, and fantasy themed with beautiful Castles in this Hidden Object Game! Explore the interior of some magnificent rooms fit for a Queen!! Find all...

  • Hidden Objects Magical Gardens




    Hidden Objects Magical Gardens is a fun, traditional hidden object game! Find all the objects including antiques, birds, hammers, fruit, and other magical items! Scenes are scattered with beautiful butterflies in every picturesque Garden Scene! Become a detective of items, and find all of them...

  • Hidden Object Magical Places




    Play Hidden Object Magical Places, and find all the objects in over 16 unique levels that are completely unlocked and free to play! Hunt and find objects in unique areas featuring the following themes: Beautiful Gardens, and Secret hideouts! Secret Forests Hidden in Faraway Magical Places!...

  • Hidden Secrets Haunted Houses




    Hidden Secrets Haunted Houses is the latest chapter in hidden object games! Enter a world of Haunted Houses, Creepy Mansions, Haunted Places, and Scary Manors. Can you find all the objects spread out in each scene before the timer runs out? Find antiques, clocks, animals, and more in each...

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