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  • ABC Owl Preschool Alphabet




    ABC Owl: Preschool Alphabet is a fun, interactive alphabet game that will entertain kids while teaching the entire English Alphabet! Learn ABC's while touching animals, interacting with objects, and even eating pizza! Features include: *Colroful and Original Artwork catered to each letter,...

  • ABC Owl Preschool Games FREE




    ABC Owl Preschool is a fun learning experience for toddlers! Learn their ABC's with every single letter of the Alphabet, and Gorgeous, Colorful images with Great Voice over Work! Compare images that start with the Letters of the Alphabet to others, and your child will intuitively pick the...

  • Nail Salon Kids FREE




    Nail Salon lets you get creative in so many ways! Start off by choosing some backgrounds, nail styles and lengths, and start designing your very own nails using a palette of colors, polishes, bling, stickers, rings, accessories, acrylics, and more!! The possibilities are endless with Nail Salon...

  • Birthday Cupcakes Maker FREE




    Celebrate yours or a friend's Birthday with this delightful Cupcake Cooking Game for Kids!! Select the flavor of your cupcake, and drag the ingredients to the bowl, and start mixing! Bang them the oven, and watch them bake, and cook! Let them cool off, and start decorating with a plethora...

  • Newborn Baby & Mommy Care FREE




    Newborn Baby and Mommy Care is a fun game for kids where they can take care of both Mommy & the Newborn Baby in Six delightful Mini-Games. Take care of Mom in Pregnancy Pampering and feed her fruit, chocolate, brush her hair, and tend to her skin care needs. Then, take her to the clinic for...

  • Baby Nurse - Kid Hospital FREE




    Baby Nurse is a Virtual Kids Baby Care app where you get to take care of the Baby in four different fun games! Baby Nurse - Treat the baby with Medications, Injections, Bandaids, and check their Heart Rhythm and more! Baby Bath - Take care of the baby and bathe them with soap and rinse them...

  • Double Diamond Candy Slot FREE




    Double Diamond Candy Slot Machine is a fun and realistic twist on the Double Diamond series Slot Machines in Vegas! Play to Win Big and try to get the Double Diamond Bonus for the Jackpot! Start playing with 200 FREE credits, and tap Spin to get started! Bet the Maximum Credits to maximize...

  • Ambulance Doctor Kid EMT Nurse




    Ambulance Doctor is a fun Medical game where you treat the patient's wounds right inside an Ambulance rushing to the Emergency Room!! Exciting gameplay - remove thorns, bandage the patient up, clean them up before they arrive to the Emergency room, whilst the Ambulance hastily arrives at...

  • ER Doctor Kids Emergency Room




    ER Doctor is a fun game where you can play three mini-games total in this Virtual Kids Emergency Room! Start an IV, and give your patient fluids to rehydrate them! Make the Celebrities in the game happy! Draw Blood with 6 different colorful vials! Place the tourniquet on the patient's arm,...

  • Hidden Objects Haunted Houses




    Enter a world of Haunted Mansions, Houses, Haunted Places, mysterious worlds, and creepy forests tucked away in places you would never roam, and Dark Nights where creatures of the night come out to play! Play over 16 unique levels full of Stunning Visuals in this Hidden Objects Game! Find all...

  • Celebrity Ice Cream Maker FREE




    Celebrity Ice Cream Shop is an Ice Cream making app fit for a Celebrity!! Choose from a vast selection of colorful cones, chocolate cones, and some dipped in nuts, and sprinkles! Then go and drag your ice cream to your cone, and build it up like a tower! Not only fun to decorate, but fun to...

  • Celebrity Baby Doctor & Nurse




    Celebrity Baby Doctor is a Fun, Virtual Kids game where you can play Doctor, Care for baby, Bathe Baby, and Dress them up like a Super Star Celebrity!! Play four different games including Baby Bath, Baby Care, Baby Nurse, and Baby Dress-Up in this fun game for kids! Hours of entertainment,...

  • Cupcakes Make & Bake FREE!




    Cupcakes are America's most favorite treat! Grab your utensils, and start mixing the ingredients from scratch! Once the ingredients are mixed, drag the Cupcake Mix into the bowl, and start mixing! Bang them in the oven, and watch your Cupcakes bake into warm, delicious, delectable...

  • School Lunch Maker




    School Lunch Maker is a delicious app that lets you decorate your school lunch tray with your favorite foods! Grab some sandwiches, hamburgers, and grilled cheese and more as your main dish! Then snag some healthy fruit options like apples, berries, and pineapple and more!! Then add some side...

  • Celebrity Doc & Dentist FREE




    Have you always wanted to become a Doctor or a Dentist? Well now you can play BOTH games! Have you ever dreamed of working as a Doctor or Dentist with Celebrities, and the rich and famous?! Now you can pretend to work in both of these prestigious careers, with today's famous celebrities!!...

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