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  • Celebrity Frozen Milkshakes

    Celebrity Frozen Milkshakes




    Celebrity Frozen Milkshake Maker is a Milkshake and Ice cream making game fit for a Celebrity!! Do you love food maker game for kids free, or Milkshake maker games or Ice Cream Games and Ice Popsicle games that are free for kids? If so, then you have come to the right place!! This is one of the...

  • Frozen School Lunch Maker FREE

    Frozen School Lunch Maker FREE




    Celebrity Frozen School Lunch Maker is a delicious app that lets you decorate your school lunch tray with your favorite foods including sandwiches, burgers, fries, fruit, fried food, desserts, drinks, candy and more! In Frozen School Lunc, grab some sandwiches, hamburgers, and grilled cheese and...

  • Celebrity Frozen Slushies FREE

    Celebrity Frozen Slushies FREE




    Slushies, Slushy, and Slushees are all the rage for the Summer & even the Fall! Every kid wants to drink a Frozen Slushie Drink, and mix and match flavors galore! Well you can do that here in this game, right now! Tap the button in slushies to choose a medley of flavors including...

  • Hidden Object San Francisco

    Hidden Object San Francisco




    Hidden Object San Francisco is a fun, and adventurous trip through some of San Francisco's finest, and most breathtaking landmarks! Take a trip in World Mode, or Arcade Mode, and play through over 18 Unique Worlds with 4 Sub-Levels of gameplay for each world to explore for a grand total of...

  • Abu My Baby Virtual Pet Games

    Abu My Baby Virtual Pet Games




    Ever wanted to take care of and customize your very own Baby Bird? You can here with My Baby Virtual Pet - MiniGames, Mall, and Pet Care! My Baby Virtual Pet is a fun, free game for kids that love casual, virtual pet making apps, or taking care of their pet! So many fun activities to do...

  • Celebrity Frozen Snow Cone

    Celebrity Frozen Snow Cone




    Celebrity Frozen Snow Cone Maker is the latest and greatest food maker games for kids and the best part is, it's free! Get the creation craze for kids that love fun and free games! Tap play, and start playing Celebrity Frozen Snow Cone Maker in the freezer, and Pour Ice into the Machine! If...

  • RBGY - Brain Training Games IQ

    RBGY - Brain Training Games IQ




    RBGY Brain Training Is a Fun exercise to help stimulate your brain, and elicit thought provoking exercises for your brain! Do you want an app that will improve your memory? Looking for improve your memory apps? This is a memory game for adults, and a memory game for kids that will help keep you...

  • Burn the Fat - Fit & Fabulous!

    Burn the Fat - Fit & Fabulous!




    Jump Rope and Hurdle your way to Fitness in Fat to Fit, Celebrity Weight Loss Challenge! Play as a human or a yeti, and choose your challenge! Get Fit, Snag powerups to boost energy, prevent weight gain, burn twice the fat and more!! Grab Granola Bars, Cans of Spinach, Energy Drinks, and...

  • Doc Stuffies - Kids Toy Doctor

    Doc Stuffies - Kids Toy Doctor




    Doc Stuffies is a fun kids game where you can take care of 6 Different Hilarious, Popular, and Cute Stuffed Animals in a prize filled game! Choose from over 6 of them including: Grumpy Cat, Draco the Dragon, Babs the Bear, Munch the Pink Bunny, Fritz the Orange Fox, Dee the Dolly, and Olly the...

  • Bird vs Beans - Hungry Pixels

    Bird vs Beans - Hungry Pixels




    It's on, it's time, it's epic arcade action! It's Bird vs Beans!! It's explosive, it's addictive, and it's oh so fun!! Meet Bixel - the cutest little pixel bird you ever did meet - and play a fun game of bean collecting, retro arcade action!!...

  • Hidden Object Frozen Ice Queen

    Hidden Object Frozen Ice Queen




    Hidden Object Games - Frozen Ice Queen has 20 unique levels with varying Winter and Frozen places - search for hidden objects high and low including antiques, food, candy, and other unique items! Hidden object games are fun for kids, adults, and grandparents! Something the entire family can...

  • Celebrity Frozen Ice Popsicles

    Celebrity Frozen Ice Popsicles




    Celebrity Frozen Popsicle Maker is a Popsicle making game fit for a Celebrity!! Choose from a vast selection of Popsicle Molds including Twisters, Traditional, Rocket Pop, and some new fun molds like the Gummy Bear, and Penguin Molds! Get delicious toppings to drop onto your Popsicle like...

  • Milkshake Yum FREE

    Milkshake Yum FREE




    Milkshakes are a Classic Treat, and now you can create your very own Milkshake from scratch! First, pick the flavor Milkshake you'd like to create, choose from over 9 varieties including Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Shamrock, Birthday Cake, Sherbert, Banana, and more!! Then scoop the...

  • Celebrity Frozen Ice Cream

    Celebrity Frozen Ice Cream




    Celebrity Frozen Ice Cream Maker is an Ice Cream making app fit for a Celebrity!! Choose from a vast selection of colorful cones, chocolate dipped ice cream cones, and some ice cream cones dipped in nuts, and sprinkles, as well as a variety of candy!! Then go and drag your favorite flavors of...

  • Ice Popsicles FREE

    Ice Popsicles FREE




    Ice Popsicles are a delicious treat to eat, and even more fun to make! Create Ice Popsicles like Traditional Pops, Rocket Pops, and even the Classic Twister Pops! Summer is here, and Ice Cream, Ice Popsicles, and Pops galore are the greatest treat around!! After you're done creating your...

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