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  • Dentist Office Kids




    Dentist Office Kids is a fun game where you get to perform a variety of dental procedures on patients! Become a real life, virtual dentist, and practice dental procedures in your very own office! You select from a variety of patients with various issues, and common dental problems. Rotten...

  • Dentist Office Hip Hop




    Dentist Office is back with a Hip Hop flair! Choose from four characters and artists to help, and get started in cleaning up those teeth! Once those pearly whites are shining, slap some stickers on them, and paint them over with a bright palette of colors!! This app is so much fun, and the...

  • Hidden Objects Mystic Fantasy




    Hidden Objects Mystic Fantasy is the latest genre in Hidden Object Games! Encounter over 20 different, gorgeous, detailed, Fantasy Worlds where you can escape, relax, and play a wonderful, engaging Hidden Object Game. Fantasy scenery, and landscapes are jaw dropping gorgeous, and each level...

  • Hidden Object Mystery Gardens




    Enter a Magical World of Beautiful Gardens in Hidden Objects: Mysterious Gardens! Over 16 Unique, and detailed Gardens to explore and find hidden objects. Scenes are so Detailed, Magical, and Gorgeous! Items to find include Antiques, Gold Coins, Birds, Butterflies, Paintings, Statues,...

  • Hidden Objects Lost Forest




    Enter a magical, whimsical, and fairytale world in Hidden Objects: Lost Forest. Explore Magical Forests hidden from the human population, and home to mystical, fantasy creatures like gnomes, fairies, and magical critters. Over 16 Unique locations to explore, and many magical items to find!...

  • Twisted Nightmare Adventures




    Play Hidden Object Adventures in Twisted Nightmare! Play a game of hidden objects in various worlds including: Desolate Haunted Mansions Isolated Train Tracks Haunted Houses Twisted and Horror filled Manors Dark Institutions & plenty more locations to choose from! Hidden Object...

  • Ice Cream Truck Games FREE




    Ice Cream Truck Games has never been this much fun! Two games for the price of one is a smashing deal! The first game is Ice Cream Flyer - Play a fast, arcade styled game and get through the ice cream cones and collect coins! Rack up the highest score you can! Shoot missiles, and blast away ice...

  • Hidden Objects World of Candy




    Hidden Objects World of Candy is a delightful game of Hidden Object hunting for all ages! Play in a Candy & Dessert themed World with beautiful vibrant colors that light up your screen! The Candy, Dessert & Chocolate looks so realistic, it will make you hungry for a Sweet Treat!...

  • Cake Pop Maker - Cooking Games




    Cake Pop Maker - Cooking Cake Games! Do you enjoy Food Maker Games & being at home in the kitchen baking & cooking up cakes & desserts? Do you want to make delicious Cake Pops from scratch, but don't have time to clean up the mess? You can make a delicious variety of Cake Pops...

  • Celebrity Snow Cone Maker FREE




    Celebrity Snow Cone Maker is the latest and greatest food maker games for kids and the best part is, it's free! Get the creation craze for kids that love fun and free games! Tap play, and start playing Celebrity Snow Cone Maker in the freezer, and Pour Ice into the Machine! If you're...

  • Hidden Object Magical Places




    Play Hidden Object Magical Places, and find all the objects in over 16 unique levels that are completely unlocked and free to play! Hunt and find objects in unique areas featuring the following themes: Beautiful Gardens, and Secret hideouts! Secret Forests Hidden in Faraway Magical Places!...

  • Kids Ice Popsicles FREE




    Ice Popsicles for kids: Tap Start, Choose A Mold, and Fill your Popsicle mold with a variety of delicious rainbow flavors! Decorate with a variety of candy, toppings, chocolate and more! Snap a picture, and view your ice popsicle in the gallery! Kids Ice Popsicles is a fun & free food app...

  • Hidden Object Lost Worlds FREE




    Hidden Objects Lost Worlds is a magical & mystical adventure in hidden object hunting with over 15 scenes to choose from! Choose Arcade Mode or World Select Mode, and get started! Over 15 Gorgeous, detailed and stunning worlds to explore with 4 sub-levels for each world make this an...

  • Cake & Ice Cream Maker FREE




    Cake & Ice Cream Maker is a fun kids game where you can decorate cakes, and ice cream! Choose from two different game modes, and let the fun begin! Choose Cake Decorating and make some fun and delicious cakes with a variety of icings, toppings, and fondants! Choose your size cake - small,...

  • Celebrity School Lunch Maker




    Celebrity School Lunch Maker is a delicious app that lets you decorate your school lunch tray with your favorite foods including sandwiches, burgers, fries, fruit, fried food, desserts, drinks, candy and more! Grab some sandwiches, hamburgers, and grilled cheese and more as your main dish! Then...

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