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Beansprites LLC

  • Milkshake Yum FREE

    Milkshake Yum FREE




    Milkshakes are a Classic Treat, and now you can create your very own Milkshake from scratch! First, pick the flavor Milkshake you'd like to create, choose from over 9 varieties including Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Shamrock, Birthday Cake, Sherbert, Banana, and more!! Then scoop the...

  • Ice Popsicles FREE

    Ice Popsicles FREE




    Ice Popsicles are a delicious treat to eat, and even more fun to make! Create Ice Popsicles like Traditional Pops, Rocket Pops, and even the Classic Twister Pops! Summer is here, and Ice Cream, Ice Popsicles, and Pops galore are the greatest treat around!! After you're done creating your...

  • Hidden Object Garden of Dreams

    Hidden Object Garden of Dreams




    Enter a world of Beautiful Gardens, Enchanted places, Hauntingly beautiful Gardens, Mystical and Dreamy places, and Creepy Forests Tucked away in places you would never roam, and magical, mystical days and evenings with beautiful lush gardens in a free hidden object game! Play over 12 unique...

  • Money Claw: Prize Money Arcade

    Money Claw: Prize Money Arcade




    Money Prize Claw Machine is the most entertaining game you will find at the Arcade, Grocery Store, or local Toy Shop!! But now your love for money can be used and your skills and dexterity to pick up bills, coins and rake in the dough!! Skill, Patience, and Dexterity are all required to win...

  • Celebrity Ambulance Kids EMT

    Celebrity Ambulance Kids EMT




    Celebrity Ambulance Doctor is a fun Medical game where you treat the patient's wounds right inside an Ambulance rushing to the Emergency Room!! Exciting gameplay - remove thorns, bandage the patient up, clean them up before they arrive to the Emergency room, whilst the Ambulance hastily...

  • Kids Prize Claw Machine - Toys

    Kids Prize Claw Machine - Toys




    Prize Claw Machine is the most entertaining game you will find at the Arcade, Grocery Store, or local Toy Shop!! Skill, Patience, and Dexterity are all required to win at this fun, and engaging game! Pop a quarter in, pick a game, and start playing! Choose from 2 Fun Arcade Games: Toys or...

  • Donut Yum - Make & Bake Donuts

    Donut Yum - Make & Bake Donuts




    Donuts are scrumptious and yummy, and it's your turn to make them from scratch!! Grab the ingredients from the fridge, and cabinet, and toss them in the bowl into a gooey mess! Then roll the dough out, and cut the Donuts up and get ready to fry them! After frying the donuts, decorate to...

  • Celebrity Milkshakes FREE

    Celebrity Milkshakes FREE




    FREE and Fully Unlocked Milkshake Maker App for your enjoyment!!! Celebrity Milkshakes: Grab your ingredients, and start making Milkshakes! Drag the sugar, milk, and toppings into the cup, and start mixing in the blender! Watch the Milkshake rise to the top of your glass, and start dropping in...

  • Baby ER Nurse: Infant Care

    Baby ER Nurse: Infant Care




    Baby ER Nurse is a delightfully entertaining game for kids! Play Emergency Nurse and treat all the babies that are sick! Choose from over 6 adorable babies! Then choose from over 4 activities including Baby Nurse, Baby Bath, Baby Care, and Baby Dressup! Plenty for kids to do, tons of outfits,...

  • Fast Food Lunch Maker FREE

    Fast Food Lunch Maker FREE




    Fast Food is America's Favorite treat, and it's now available at your fingertips! Everything including the burger patties, cheeseburgers, buns, toppings, ice cream, and everything is unlocked for your enjoyment!! Free to play!!! Create delicious, stacked to the ceiling burgers that will...

  • Cupcakes Shop: Bake & Eat FREE

    Cupcakes Shop: Bake & Eat FREE




    Cupcakes are America's most favorite treat and Cupcakes Shop: Bake & Eat FREE is no exception! It looks so real, you will think REAL Cupcakes are sitting in front of you! Cupcakes have been individually baked, a pic snapped of each one freshly baked right out of the oven, and served to...

  • Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds

    Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds




    Enter a World of Hidden Objects with Haunted Mansion Worlds! Escape to over 14 Worlds with 4 sub-levels each, challenging you to find objects in 4 different ways! Play picture mode, word mode, zen mode, and challenge, and find all the objects in the scene within the timeframe! Use hints, and...

  • Hidden Object: Magical Castles

    Hidden Object: Magical Castles




    Enter a magical, mystical world of puzzle, and mystery with Hidden Objects: Magic Castles FREE! Explore gorgeous, detailed environments, all unique, and fantasy themed with beautiful Castles in this Hidden Object Game! Explore the interior of some magnificent rooms fit for a Queen!! Find all...

  • Hidden Objects: World Castles

    Hidden Objects: World Castles




    Hidden Objects: Magical World Castles is an enchanted game with a total of 14 Unique Enchanted Castle Worlds - Each with 4 levels of challenges - Word, Picture, Zen & Challenge modes of play for a total of 56 levels! Enter unique and beautiful castles such as the Medieval Castle in Dublin,...

  • Hidden Objects Magical Gardens

    Hidden Objects Magical Gardens




    Hidden Objects Magical Gardens is a fun, traditional hidden object game! Find all the objects including antiques, birds, hammers, fruit, and other magical items! Scenes are scattered with beautiful butterflies in every picturesque Garden Scene! Become a detective of items, and find all of them...

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