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  • Magical Pug Flight

    Magical Pug Flight




    Take flight in Magical Pug Flight and soar to the skies with a Red Caped Pug! Get blown through the city, and avoid obstacles using skill and precision in this retro, endless flying game! Avoid enemies like Airplanes and Flying Pigs, and feel the breeze blowing through your velvet ears as you...

  • Cupcakes - Valentines Day FREE

    Cupcakes - Valentines Day FREE




    Cupcakes Valentine's Day is a Lovely Treat for kids, and adult kids alike! Choose from a wide variety of Cupcakes, then start mixing the batter! Bang them in the oven, and start decorating! Choose from a Lovely variety of Valentine's Decor, Icing, Fondant, Candy, Chocolate, Sugary...

  • Throat Doctor Kids

    Throat Doctor Kids




    Throat Doctor Kids is a fun, realistic game of Doctor where you tend to patient's throat problems, perform surgeries, and use scopes to look deep inside the patient's throat, and repair, mend, and remove tissue, debris, mucus, and more!! Become a throat Doctor, and examine the throat, as...

  • Celebrity Cupcakes FREE!

    Celebrity Cupcakes FREE!




    Celebrity Cupcakes are decadent, delicious, colorful Cupcakes fit for a Super Star & Celebrity!! Drag the ingredients to the bowl, and start mixing your Cupcake Batter! Bang them in the oven, and watch them bake, then decorate your recipe to your heart's content! Tons of toppings...

  • School Lunch Maker

    School Lunch Maker




    School Lunch Maker is a delicious app that lets you decorate your school lunch tray with your favorite foods! Grab some sandwiches, hamburgers, and grilled cheese and more as your main dish! Then snag some healthy fruit options like apples, berries, and pineapple and more!! Then add some side...

  • Super Mega Retro Power Flower

    Super Mega Retro Power Flower




    Super Mega Retro Power Flower is a fantastic endless jumping action game where you tilt, and jump, avoid enemies, and collect coins and power-ups! A Mash between retro graphics, and current cartoony style, this game is gorgeous to look at, addictive and fun to play, and has cool environments,...

  • Celebrity Beard Salon

    Celebrity Beard Salon




    Celebrity Beard Salon is a fun Beard, Shaving, and Trimming App with 6 Celebrities total to choose from!! Choose from over 6 Famous Celebrities seen in current TV Shows and Movies, and start trimming their beards!! Use the Electric Razor, Scissors, Standard Razor, Tweezers, and more!!...

  • Hidden Object Fairy Forests

    Hidden Object Fairy Forests




    Hidden Objects, Magical Fairies, and Beautiful Butterflies, and Magical hidden Forests await you in this Breathtaking Hidden Object Game! Explore over 16 gorgeous, detailed, and stunning Forest levels where gnomes, fairies, butterflies, and mystical creatures are hiding. A Magical World filled...

  • Super 8-Bit Retro All Star!

    Super 8-Bit Retro All Star!




    Awesome Super 8-Bit Retro All Star is here for the Holidays!! All gamers are Stars, and all Stars are Heroes, and this hero has everything to gain in this exciting 8-Bit Retro Endless Platformer!! Plunge into the Starry Night decked out with Stars, Magical Balloons, and Coins galore! Watch...

  • Christmas Shave Santa's Salon

    Christmas Shave Santa's Salon




    Christmas Shave - Santa's Barbershop is here!! Get your clippers, scissors, razor, and shaving cream, and get ready to shave your clients at the Santa Holiday Inn Barbershop! Shaving Santa is the most daunting task ever, give him the best shave you can possibly give, and make Santa look new...

  • Amazing Shave - Beard Salon

    Amazing Shave - Beard Salon




    Get your clippers, scissors, razor, and shaving cream, and get ready to shave your clients at the barber! It's no easy task, and you'll have to patch them up afterwards, clean them up, and spruce them up with great stickers and more!! Shaving has never been so much work, and yet so...

  • Hidden Objects Christmas City

    Hidden Objects Christmas City




    Hidden Objects Christmas in the City is a festive fun game of Hidden Objects with gorgeous illustrations of Christmas Celebrations, and decor in the City Atmosphere! Search for clues, antiques, objects, and more in this Stunning game filled with magical, festive, Christmas ornaments, in this...

  • Ambulance Christmas EMT Doctor

    Ambulance Christmas EMT Doctor




    Ambulance Doctor is a fun Medical game where you treat the patient's wounds right inside an Ambulance rushing to the Emergency Room!! Exciting gameplay - remove thorns, bandage the patient up, clean them up before they arrive to the Emergency room, whilst the Ambulance hastily arrives at...

  • Baby Nurse Christmas Kids Care

    Baby Nurse Christmas Kids Care




    Baby Nurse Christmas is a festive, Holiday version of Baby Nurse where you care for babies in four different, complete games in a festive holiday theme!! Care for baby in Baby Care, Baby Bath, Baby Dressup, and Baby Nurse in this fantastic game for kids!! Kids will enjoy feeding the baby,...

  • Hidden Objects Christmas

    Hidden Objects Christmas




    Hidden Objects Christmas morning is a fun, festive, hidden objects game full of Christmas Trees, Winter Wonderland, Snowy nights, and more! Find all the objects hidden underneath all of the presents, and festive items! Will make you feel happy, and in the mood for the upcoming Holiday Season!...

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