• How to Do Your Own Cute Nails

    How to Do Your Own Cute Nails




    Are you a modern girl who takes good care of her looks? We have collected various nail design video tutorials especially for you! You don't need to go to the nail salon, because all you need is here – in this brand new Android™ application. Download 'How to Do Your Own Cute Nails' app...

  • How to Make Your Hair Look Fab

    How to Make Your Hair Look Fab




    Learn how to make your haircut look fabulous, glamorous and absolutely gorgeous! Find out which hairstyle suits your face shape and learn how to create it! This beauty app will teach you to achieve the desired hair color and get healthy and shiny hair. ❃ Over 300 hairstyle videos and tutorials;...

  • Latest Nail Fashion Trends

    Latest Nail Fashion Trends




    Are you a modern girl who appreciates her looks? 'Latest Nail Fashion Trends' is a perfectly designed beauty app which will make it easy for you to have beautiful nails all the time! Create the latest nail art designs on your own, by following instructions from video tutorials! Glamorize...

  • Best Muscle Building Routines

    Best Muscle Building Routines




    Have you ever dreamed about a firm, muscular body with visible abs and biceps? Now is your chance to give your maximum in weight training with our brand new Android™ application. 'Best Muscle Building Routines' contains a carefully chosen collection of workout routines to help you build...

  • Muscle Building Workouts

    Muscle Building Workouts




    Are you an intermediate or advanced trainee looking to build muscle mass fast? If so, welcome to the 'Muscle Building Workouts' app for Android™. This awesome workout app contains videos with programs and routines to help you build muscle and easily burn fat in the shortest time possible....

  • Guide to Fabulous Hairstyles

    Guide to Fabulous Hairstyles




    Are you having a bad hair day? Our new Android™ app offers a collection of video tutorials that will teach you how to create “new hairstyles” for your face. In addition, in 'Guide to Fabulous Hair Styles' you will find valuable advice on hair care and the appropriate haircut. Try this...

  • Carp Fishing

    Carp Fishing




    No matter if you are an experienced and passionate angler, or you simply enjoy fishing as a hobby, this is the perfect Android™ application for you! This fishing app provides you with all the info needed to catch a record breaking carp! Download 'Carp Fishing' now and enjoy your next...

  • Guitar Video Lessons

    Guitar Video Lessons




    Have you always wanted to learn to play guitar and enchant that boy/girl of your dreams? Have you ever wanted to entertain your friends with beautiful melodies? Now you have a chance to learn all about basic guitar chords and instrument playing techniques. Download 'Guitar Video Lessons'...

  • Pilates Workout Exercises

    Pilates Workout Exercises




    Want to do Pilates but don’t have enough time or money to take Pilates classes? Our new Android™ application offers a collection of excellent fitness videos that can help you exercise anytime and anywhere. Get 'Pilates Workout Exercises' today and start doing the workouts now in order to...

  • Dress Up Game for Girls

    Dress Up Game for Girls




    You think you have a good fashion sense? You like to dress up girls? Get a brand new girls game – 'Dress Up Game for Girls' and explore a wide variety of gorgeous outfits to dress up your girl friend like a real fashion diva! Download this fun and exciting fashion and makeup “game for...

  • Fashion Dress Up Game

    Fashion Dress Up Game




    ♥ Express your sense of fashion and style by playing one of the most exciting 3D dress up games for girls today! Get ♥ Fashion Dress up Game ♥ for girls free and check if you can make a good fashion designer or a professional makeup artist! Hurry up, your girl model is waiting for you to turn her...

  • FB Video Player

    FB Video Player




    If you are looking for a quick and easy way to access your Facebook videos, you are at the right place. FB “Video Player” is an awesome Android™ app for your phone! Do not hesitate because this completely free app will make your Face book experience much better! Download now and start watching...

  • Beauty Makeup Tutorials Pro

    Beauty Makeup Tutorials Pro




    ❤ Enhance your natural beauty with makeup! ❤ All you need to know about beauty in one app ✿ Beauty Makeup Tutorials Pro ✿! Learn how to apply natural makeup, create lots of prom makeup looks, bridal makeup or for any other occasion! Forget about the beauty salons and do it yourself! With this...

  • IT Girl: Beauty Salon – Makeup

    IT Girl: Beauty Salon – Makeup




    ❀ Be your own makeup artist with amazing ❤ IT Girl: Beauty Salon – Makeup ❤ app! ❀ This app will provide you with many useful tutorials on how to apply makeup for everyday and night, prom and wedding makeup, celebrity inspired makeup and much more! Be different, be bold and gorgeous and always...

  • Makeup Tutorials & Beauty Tips

    Makeup Tutorials & Beauty Tips




    ✿ Makeup Tutorials & Beauty Tips ✿ is all you need to become a makeup artist! Get it right away and learn how to do your makeup and look like a celebrity, movie star or fairytale princess. Do your bridal makeup on your own and look fabulous with our step-by-step tutorials! Follow beauty and...

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