• Bees Farts aka fart machine




    The Best selection of natural farts, all in one app. Smelly farts for everyone, from 5 to 100 years old. It will make you laugh! or disgust your family if you try it at the dinner table . Features: *instant sounds *time delay *shaker *app2sd *16 fart sounds (2 farts for each bee) *more farts...

  • Annoying sounds




    Really annoying sounds and noises in one app.! Great sounds selection : broken glass, horns, alarms , chainsaw, and many many more. Now with timer and shaker. To set any time you like just **LONG PRESS** on the timer button. Features: *instant sounds *time delay *shaker *20 sound noises *quick...

  • Cheeky burps Ringtones !




    Makes your phone burp, with many different, realistic , cheeky and funny sounds! Best on the Android market. Small app but such a big fun. Now with timer and shaker. To set any time you like just **LONG PRESS** on the timer button. Apps2SD enabled! *Ringtones feature added -Now you can save and...

  • Animals soundboard




    Busy life? no problem this app help you relax for a moment. ! Play animals sounds for your friends, children, everyone will love it! Here in one app you can have fantastic selection of animal sounds with cool pics. Bring your phone to life, make the tiger growl !! Click any thumbnail for bigger...

  • LightSaber StarWars battle!




    Become a master, become a Jedi ! New Better Jedi Light Saber with realistic sounds ,movements , you will find this app very enjoyable ! Only this one comes with unique feature ,** NIGHT MODE **, now you can play even AFTER DARK ! GET this app to find out more. Features *Jedi changing...

  • 3D Eye of Sauron - LOTR




    Do you have strange feeling that something is watching you ? YES it's the Eye of Sauron! This small funny (or should I say spooky) app was looking for you till now. So dont be scared. Just get the "EYE OF SAURON" on your mobile, now! The only eye of Sauron on the market ! *Half...

  • Not only SEX facts !




    All about sex love reletionship and much more with this smart app. Everything you always wanted to know about Women but were afraid to ask check this app, and find out what Women really think about men and themselves. Read and Learn your woman!! New Feature added: *Sharing via: SMS, Email and...

  • Crazy and weird facts!




    Hundreds weird and crazy facts to use in everyday life. Small and simple app with many facts , it will keep you entertaining while waiting for your bus. Features: *Share via sms, email and more *Add to favourites *Next/Previous fact *Long press on text to see more options *Apps2SD enabled!...

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