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Monster Pet Shop

Run your own Monster Pet Shop that grows, exhibits, and sells fantastic magical creatures. Play with, care and feed your creatures to maximize happiness. Happy creatures award more money when you find them good homes. Customize your Monster Pet Shop with three different habitats – Dirt, Grass and Water, and unlock ever more wonderful creatures by c…

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Zombie Café

PLEASE NOTE: Zombie Cafe is free to play, but charges real money for additional in-app content. ________________________ It’s hard to find good help, which is why you’ve partnered with an evil corporation to use zombies as free labor to build your café empire. Prepare food, direct your zombies and manage supplies. If the competition gets too fie…

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Download Smurfette's Magic Match Smurfette's Magic Match icon
Smurfette's Magic Match

The Smurfs' village is in chaos, and it's up to Smurfette to solve the mystery before Gargamel finds their village. Complete puzzles by mixing and matching Smurfy objects and save the Smurfs. ------------------------ What's New • 30 new Smurftastic levels (131 – 160) • 5 new outfits for Smurfette • Bug fixes and lots of performance…

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Download Snoopy’s Sugar Drop Remix Snoopy’s Sugar Drop Remix icon
Snoopy’s Sugar Drop Remix

Mix, swap, and match tantalizing treats to clear puzzles as you crush over 200 levels of candy-coated fun in Snoopy’s Sugar Drop Remix! Visit all your favorite PEANUTS friends as you blast sweets using spectacular powerups and exciting effects. Features: - Master over 200 levels of mouthwatering, candy-matching fun - Create candy combos by switch…

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Download Smurfs' Village Magical Meadow Smurfs' Village Magical Meadow icon
Smurfs' Village Magical Meadow

Experience an all-new Smurfy adventure from the makers of Smurfs’ Village. One day the Smurfs discover a rare and wonderful magical meadow in the forest. Since there is no better location for a Smurfs village than a magic meadow, Papa Smurf collects all the Smurfs and moves them to the magical new land. Exciting adventures await the Smurfs as th…

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Download One Million Monkeys One Million Monkeys icon
One Million Monkeys

One Million Monkeys is One Brainy Barrel of Fun! Go bananas building silly stories with friends as you prove your penchant for quick-thinking, problem solving, and creativity under pressure with this new game that’s pure monkey-business. You’ll show off your way with words as you overcome tricky rules and out think your friends. Collaborate to cre…

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