• Mushroom Garden Deluxe

    Mushroom Garden Deluxe




    Luxurious Mushroom Garden for You. "Mushroom Garden" accomplishes new evolution. *"Log" holds the importance. The Log became really important in this "Mushroom Garden Deluxe". Grading up the Log is the key to Rare Funghi. *"Request" systems!...

  • NEO Mushroom Garden

    NEO Mushroom Garden




    ** No Charges!! Totally Free App ** Over 36 Million Downloads!! New title of "Mushroom Garden" Series is Now Out!! ------------------------------------------ The comments below will be handled in future updates. Please understand and wait for the updates. [Creating the Savedata for...

  • The Crab & the Monkey

    The Crab & the Monkey




    Let's move the crab and fend off the persimmon thrown from the Monkey. [How to Play] 1. Monkey will throw the persimmon from where "!" is shown 2. Move the Crab by tapping and fend off the persimmon 3. See what is waiting for the Crab when it got shot down by persimmon… [Story]...

  • 觸摸偵探 菇菇栽培研究室 四季版

    觸摸偵探 菇菇栽培研究室 四季版




    365天,時~時刻刻都能獨佔菇菇 季節性的菇菇來自世界各地將會出現! ■ 9種不同的季節菇菇在這裡! 你能收穫的所有120種菇菇的? 賽季將通過切換設備改變。 嗯哼嗯哼(讓我們找到他們) *添加的季節完成。 ■獲得APP限定桌布! 在「四季版菇菇」中可使用獲得的點數來換取「桌布」。 桌布畫面全部都是APP限定的超稀有圖案。 嗯哼嗯哼(我們也準備了各季節的限定桌布喔) ■栽培方法 將菇菇食物灑至原木上後,菇菇們就會不停地探出頭來 滑過畫面一口氣收穫整片密集生長的菇菇們,這種快感讓人上癮。 成熟的菇菇經過一段時間後就會乾枯,要多加留意喔!!...

  • Mushroom Garden Seasons

    Mushroom Garden Seasons




    Have "Funghi" to yourself - all 365 days of the year! Seasonal Funghi from all over the world will appear!! -Funghi from 9 different seasons are here! Can you harvest all 120 kinds of Funghis? Season will change by switching the equipments. nnf nnf!! (Let's complete them...

  • Super Gourmet Creature Mogumon

    Super Gourmet Creature Mogumon




    Yummy Breeding Game is here again. When you discovered the egg again, your gourmet life with Mogumon starts again! This is all free app! *What is Gourmet Creature Mogumon? “Mogumon” is a living creature that loves yummy dishes. They are good at finding the foodstuff and sometimes called as...

  • 觸摸偵探 菇菇栽培研究室

    觸摸偵探 菇菇栽培研究室




    「方吉」推出繁體中文版囉! 來栽培超可愛的「菇菇」吧♪ 世界首創!最正統的菇菇栽培遊戲!! 大家的偶像「菇菇」的夢想…那就是「繁殖」,也就是要增加很多很多的夥伴! 在21世紀的今天,終於發明了(大概是)全世界第一個可以在Android介面上栽培「菇菇」的方法了。 全新的「親身體驗採收型的正統菇菇栽培遊戲」誕生!! ■採收的快感♪ 採收時,一口氣滑過栽種在原木上的整片菇菇們!! 絕妙的感觸不禁讓人感到陣陣快感從背脊上傳來♡ ■完成圖鑑♪ 目前已知的「菇菇」種類共有30種!! 收集到最開始的30種菇菇後,圖鑑裡中會增設「變種菇菇」的頁面喔。...

  • Touch Detective

    Touch Detective




    "Thanks for waiting…" The original game of "Mushroom Garden" is finally released for Androids!! Rookie detective "Mackenzie" and her assistant "Funghi" solve mysterious cases together in a spooky town! *****PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING****** -Please note...

  • Touch Detective 2 1/2

    Touch Detective 2 1/2




    "Thanks for waiting... Again." Newbie Detective Mackenzie and her assistant Funghi are at it again!! "Touch Detective" tackles new and even stranger cases and mysteries!! *****PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING****** -Requires Android 2.3.3 or later -Please note that Chapter 2...

  • 5.0
    Mushroom Garden

    Mushroom Garden




    Grow funghi and take care of the garden

  • Namepara Viewer

    Namepara Viewer




    Lots of information about Funghi! (all of the contents are in Japanese) Nameko Official Website "Funghi Paradise" become an application!! (This application required the connection to internet) **5 main categories can be checked easily by using "Tabs" (1)Funghi Broadcast...

  • Gourmet Creature Hungry Mogumo

    Gourmet Creature Hungry Mogumo




    One night, you were entrusted one mysterious egg by one mysterious person... That was...gourmet living thing, Mogumon's egg!! From the day Mogumon was born, you and Mogumon's slow gourmet life will start! ☆So mysterious! What is Mogumon!? Mogumon is a living thing who LOVE yummy foods....

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