• Save My Telly




    Androidtapp.com - 5 out of 5 "Probably the most innovative take on a physics game since Angry Birds." Save My telly is an action puzzle game where you need to stack materials and use skills to protect a TV set from natural disasters, such as wind, rain, earthquake, meteors,...

  • 5.7

    Monster Jam




    Mutant monsters duke it out in this glorified Rock-Paper-Scissors

  • 5.0

    The Story of Choices




    A fast, casual game based on multiple choices

  • Super Cutes




    Presented by Behold Studios and Dynamic Light Super Cutes incorporates features from rhythm games, exploring the accuracy and timing of the haircuts, and has an outrageous and comic style, creating an exciting and never-before-seen experience. This game brings a great time for everyone! It was...

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