Download BKS Bible Names Glossary BKS Bible Names Glossary icon
BKS Bible Names Glossary

The dictionary contains more than 2,000 names from the Bible. It is a simple reference program with names of the men in the old testament and their meanings. The program would be useful for religion students, but will also be of interest of everyone who likes to learn more about men in Bible.

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Download BKS Cooking Glossary BKS Cooking Glossary icon
BKS Cooking Glossary

This free cooking glossary provides definitions for ingredients, culinary terms and cooking techniques in about 1070 headwords.

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Download BKS Cocktail Recipes Glossary BKS Cocktail Recipes Glossary icon
BKS Cocktail Recipes Glossary

Planning your next cocktail party but don't know the difference between a martini and a mimosa? You've come to the right place! This FREE glossary for Google's Android users contains cocktail recipes for every occasion. With this new version you can now search by ingredients - open the menu and choose "Search meanings".

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Download BKS Medical Diagnoses & Codes BKS Medical Diagnoses & Codes icon
BKS Medical Diagnoses & Codes

This is a free DSM-IV diagnoses and codes glossary for Android based handhelds. It features over 400 codes related to their diagnoses. Enter a code to get the corresponding diagnose(s). With this new version 1.1 you can now search for diagnoses. To do so, open the menu and choose "Search meanings".

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Download BKS Etymology of Names BKS Etymology of Names icon
BKS Etymology of Names

You have a new-born baby and wish to know what your favorite name means? Well, this free reference glossary will help you find this information on your Android handheld for free! The free etymology of names glossary with over 11,000 unique names provides gender and history of each name with explanation what it means.

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Download BKS Nursery Songs Glossary BKS Nursery Songs Glossary icon
BKS Nursery Songs Glossary

A collection of one hundred favourite English nursery rhymes and traditional songs with their origins are listed in this free glossary for Android - perhaps nursery rhymes bring back fond memories of your childhood! Note that musical scores are not included, just the words.

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Download BKS Tongue Twisters BKS Tongue Twisters icon
BKS Tongue Twisters

You know what tongue twisters are: those crazy phrases that tie your tongue in knots when you say them ten-times-faster and make whoever's listening collapse with laughter. Next time someone suggests you say one, be prepared with one to ask in return. This free glossary contains over 600 twisters and variations.

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Download BKS Insurance Dictionary BKS Insurance Dictionary icon
BKS Insurance Dictionary

This FREE insurance dictionary provides broad coverage of the terminology employed in insurance, including legal and financial terms likely to be used in everyday insurance activities. It is an indispensable guide to practitioners in insurance seeking a quick introduction to, or revision of a topic. Business advisers and other non-specialists will…

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Download BKS Dictionary of Acronyms BKS Dictionary of Acronyms icon
BKS Dictionary of Acronyms

The free English acronyms dictionary for Google's Android contains more than 12,000 English acronyms, providing their explanations in English. Covers virtually all fields, from physics through politics to file extensions to instant messaging lingo.

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Download BKS French Medical Acronyms BKS French Medical Acronyms icon
BKS French Medical Acronyms

This is a free dictionary for BlackBerry of French medical abbreviations and acronyms with their French meanings. Contains about 1800 unique French medical acronyms and abbreviations. Some abbreviations have several meanings, for example "FID" could mean "Fosse Illiaque Droite" or "Fibrose Interstitielle Diffuse". This…

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