Download BKS Bible Names Glossary BKS Bible Names Glossary icon

BKS Bible Names Glossary

The dictionary contains more than 2,000 names from the Bible. It is a...

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Download BKS Cooking Glossary BKS Cooking Glossary icon

BKS Cooking Glossary

This free cooking glossary provides definitions for ingredients, culin...

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Download BKS Cocktail Recipes Glossary BKS Cocktail Recipes Glossary icon

BKS Cocktail Recipes Glossary

Planning your next cocktail party but don't know the difference be...

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Download BKS Medical Diagnoses & Codes BKS Medical Diagnoses & Codes icon

BKS Medical Diagnoses & Codes

This is a free DSM-IV diagnoses and codes glossary for Android based h...

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Download BKS Etymology of Names BKS Etymology of Names icon

BKS Etymology of Names

You have a new-born baby and wish to know what your favorite name mean...

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Download BKS Nursery Songs Glossary BKS Nursery Songs Glossary icon

BKS Nursery Songs Glossary

A collection of one hundred favourite English nursery rhymes and tradi...

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Download BKS Tongue Twisters BKS Tongue Twisters icon

BKS Tongue Twisters

You know what tongue twisters are: those crazy phrases that tie your t...

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Download BKS Insurance Dictionary BKS Insurance Dictionary icon

BKS Insurance Dictionary

This FREE insurance dictionary provides broad coverage of the terminol...

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Download BKS Dictionary of Acronyms BKS Dictionary of Acronyms icon

BKS Dictionary of Acronyms

The free English acronyms dictionary for Google's Android contains...

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Download BKS French Medical Acronyms BKS French Medical Acronyms icon

BKS French Medical Acronyms

This is a free dictionary for BlackBerry of French medical abbreviatio...

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