• MP4 Cutter




    Choose the best moment of your video and save it with MP4 Cutter. Do you like to record video with your android phone? Now you can choose only the best part of your video and cut it. It will save more storage space and you can remove all the bad moment in the video. From the creator of MP3 Cutter.

  • 7.3

    MP3 Cutter




    Take your favorite MP3 and turn it into whatever you want.

  • Music Album Editor




    Update and fix your music album information. Change the song title, edit the artist, album name, genre and others. Generate the album cover/ art when playing your music/ mp3 songs. Music album editor will fix and update ID3 (ID3v2) tags from Music/ MP3 files and also update the songs database...

  • Elements Wizard




    Elements Wizard is an action game that is combined with some strategy, planning and also timing. You will play a role as a wizard that master the elements spell (fire, water, air and earth) and also have capabilities to summon allies. Elements wizard has been assigned by human kingdom to defend...

  • Hide Files




    Hide and unhide pictures, audio, videos and all other files. Create a group to unhide/ hide with single click. The hidden files are stored in "sdcard/hfile" folder. Don't delete it or you will lost the hidden files. You could always contact developer if you experience a problem....

  • Puzzle Games Alarm




    Puzzle Games Alarm will ensure that you are not sleepy anymore when you turn off the alarm. Choose the puzzle games to be solved before you can shut down the alarm or else it will only snooze temporarily. -- Color Puzzle -- Force you to concentrate by matching color between the text and circle...

  • Fruit Fairy




    Fairy is collecting the fruits in the forest. Beware of more and more enemies that are coming to hunt the fruit fairy. Fruit fairy is a game with beautiful graphic and simple control. It is one of a perfect way to spend your free time. ★★ Game Features ★★ ★ Simple tap to fly control ★ Different...

  • Robo Revenge




    3D platformer action games, robo is attacking the evil planets. It is a shooting games and also jumping games. Upgrade robo's weapon to win challenging stages with various enemies and maps. Aim and shoot the enemies, jump to the moving bridge and don't fall down. * 4 tutorial and 15...

  • My Quadra Pop




    Color pairing games. Connect four or more gems with the same color. * 10 level speed * resume unfinished game BUTTON or SWIPE control: - swipe left/right: move to right/left - swipe down: max down speed - swipe up or tap: rotate

  • Aim and Shoot




    Aim the enemy with accelerometer and Shoot them all. It is a shooter / shooting games with sensor or virtual dpad control. Shoot the spider, bugs, clock and balloon.

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