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  • TEDxCibeles




    TEDxCibeles will be an exceptional platform for outstanding individuals to increase the awareness of their work, devoting their time to challenge paradigms, adding value to the society while learning from each other in an interactive and fun way. The main theme of TEDxCibeles for 2013 will be: -...

  • modelum is your social shopper




    The most social way to go shopping! Let modelum become your best ally in your shoppings. Take a picture of your garment and discover what your friends think of it. Keywords: shop, photos, model, buy, shopping, dress, modern, style, woman, fashion, social, modalum, modelun, look, cool

  • 7.0

    magiapp tricks for WhatsApp!




    Magiapp is a hilarious app for teasing your friends through Whatsapp

  • wateqe




    wateqe is the difference between a party and a MEGAPARTY. wateqe has become the first Social Network for nightlife which will revolution the way you have fun by means of your smartphone. Are you ready? Blow up the night parties with wateqe. Compete with your friends to know who enjoy more. Meet...

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