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  • Pipes




    This is a port of Pipes, your mission is simple connect all the pipes together to complete the level. 1000x1000 stages (for premium, normal get 25*25) 25x25 in less then 25 seconds on historic g1. Up to 8 different stages on one stage (for premium, normal get 4) You can choose theme. You can...

  • Ring Time




    Welcome to Ring Time! the first app that let you know who hung up on you after only a few seconds. Ring Time delivers a beautiful & functional message box with the ring time and the name of the unanswered caller. It gets better - because now with only a tap you will be able to return to...

  • HTMLeditor




    ****A physical keyboard is strongly recommended*** A simple HTML,ASP,JS and CSS editor for your coding on the road, use menu to>"save and view file" to preview. *Supports Share from the browser. *(){}<>=+- and tab are virtual keys, enable on settings *With code coloring The...

  • מחשבון מכס




    רוצה לקנות בחו"ל ולא בטוח מה המחיר הסופי? לא עוד! ברוכים הבאים לאפליקציה הראשונה לחישוב מכסי יבוא בישראל המתחשבת בשערי מטבע, מכסים בישראל, מכסי חו"ל ועוד. ** זוכה בתחרות האפליקציות של עיריית תל אביב וממשלת ישראל בפרס השקיפות הממשלתית ** האפליקציה עושה שימוש במאגרים רשמיים של רשות...

  • closeFeint- for rooted




    It will disable your adblockers. Do you hate to open a game and get openFeint screen? well I do, so this app will disable openFeint from running and annoying, it will give a message like openFeint can't access their servers. now supporting Scoreloop, why just one spyware? if you know more...

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