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Site Shot

This is a capture tool on a browser. The captured image is saved on the SD card. (/sdcard/SiteShot/) Works non-rooted Phone! Launch only SiteShot from a browser [Menu]-[Others]-[PageShared] on SiteShot with your favorite scrolled and zoomed. [Menu]-[ShotPNG] How to use:

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APN List

After selecting the Use country of APN, please copy and paste into your APN settings screen.

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The market is made this application easy to use. Is AndroidMarket on the WEB page displayed with the Android terminal and is the installation occasionally troublesome? If this application program is selected from [menu]-[page shared] on AndroidMarket For Web Browser, AndroidMarket for the Android device is displayed.

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Share to

This app, which allows the pages to share ( a standard browser from non-standard browser such as Chrome Beta. When you are seen in ChromeBeta and WEB pages of the embedded FLASH, let's switch to the standard browser that can be referenced to FLASH. Please share your page from your browser [menu] - [share] - [Share2comandroi…

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Dictionary All

It can be - Reading / registration, editing and deletion of the words - Search by reading - Copy to clipboard words that have registered - Starting from the mushroom / ATOK direct function / Search / Input - Launch icon registration to the notification bar - Additional registration to the user dictionary of other keyboard apps - Read from the user…

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Simple Flashcards

You can make deck easily. Those who have no voice files, which can be uttered words and sentences by using TTS of Android built (Text To Speech). - Input text to card - Copy and paste text from the web site - Import CSV file which you created or download web site - Set your image file to card, and you can take a picture on this app and set it…

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Text Launcher

This app is an application launcher with text. Launch by voice input using the microphone is also available.

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Radio Hacker News -Translation

Stories - Best (Top Links) - Top Stories - New Stories - Ask Stories - Show Stories - Job Stories - Browsing History Features - Listen continuous Stories - Select Stories - Comment tree is able to see easily - Reply comment - Order by Score / Time / Daily Score - Search for your favorite keyword - Voice Search - K…

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Movie Portrait Viewer

You can see Portrait movies on this app. - from Movie app : share to [MoviePortraitViewer] - from WebBrower : click video link and select [MoviePortraitViewer]

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