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  • Crosswords





    Get our new crossword app and have an ultimate blast with our puzzles. 2,186 crosswords are divided into 3 levels of difficulty and are offered in 9 different languages! The features: - all scores are saved - you can either enter the answer in one go as a complete word or by entering letter for...

  • Smug Squid

    Smug Squid




    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Warning: this game can be addictive! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Smug Squid has too short tentacles, therefore it has difficulties swimming and falls to the bottom of the sea like a stone. Help Smug Squid swim as far as possible by tapping without touching the...

  • Collision Bird

    Collision Bird




    Caution: danger of addiction! Collision Bird can't fly very well because of its tiny wings and falls down pretty fast. Help him fly as far as possible and keep him in the air by tapping. Avoid dangerous stones during his flight. For every stone you avoid you get a point. Download Collision...

  • 4 in a Row Multiplayer

    4 in a Row Multiplayer




    Play "4 in a Row" against the computer or friends from all over the world! "4 in a Row" is one of the most popular strategy games in the world, this app gives you three different game modes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Details ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "4 in a...

  • 4 in a Row with friends

    4 in a Row with friends




    The popular all-time classic “4 in a Row” in the to-go edition as a free app for your smart phone. Play against your friends, beat the computer or look for opponents from around the world to see who has the better tactics or strategy to win the game. In “4 in a Row” the players take turns...

  • Sea Battle Multiplayer

    Sea Battle Multiplayer




    Play "Sea Battle Multiplayer" against the computer or friends from all over the world! "Sea Battle Multiplayer" is one of the most popular strategy games in the world. This app gives you three different ways to play. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Details...

  • Chess Multiplayer

    Chess Multiplayer




    Play chess against friends around the world or simply the computer with our chess app. The famous strategy board game chess, also known as the royal game, is played by moving the chess pieces (black and white) in turns across the game board. The rules of the game state that a game of chess is...

  • Crosswords Free

    Crosswords Free




    Attention puzzle lovers: with the Crossword app you won't get bored anymore. Our crossword to take along on your way. Whether you're waiting for the next bus, or during lunch break or at any other opportunity. Simply whip out the crossword and cheerfully start to puzzle. There is...

  • Nine Men's Morris Multiplayer

    Nine Men's Morris Multiplayer




    Play Nine Men's Morris against the computer or against friends all over the world! Nine Men's Morris is one of the most popular games worldwide, this app offers you three different game modes. - Single-player: play alone against the computer - local multiplayer: play against a friend on...

  • Where's What - The geo quiz!

    Where's What - The geo quiz!




    How well do you know our planet? You'll see a Google StreetView image and must tap the map where the picture was taken. If you're closer than your opponent, you win the round! You can compete with friends all over the world and see your rank in a worldwide leaderboard. A game is...

  • A or B

    A or B




    Play "A or B" against players all over the world! "A or B" is an exciting quiz, which keeps your general knowledge up to date and bids boredom adieu! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Details: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are ten exciting quiz rounds, in which you can compete online against...

  • Chat-Bot





    Unterhalte dich mit deinem Chat-Bot über alles, was dir in den Sinn kommt! Egal, ob du wissen möchtest, wie das Wetter in deiner Stadt wird oder was gerade im Fernsehen läuft, dein Roboter-Freund beantwortet es dir! Er ist dein persönlicher Chat-Partner und führt mit dir Gespräche über Hobbys,...

  • Aktuelles TV Programm

    Aktuelles TV Programm




    Du möchtest wissen, ob heute Abend How I Met Your Mother auf ProSieben läuft oder Wer Wird Millionär auf RTL? Dann ist diese App genau das Richtige für dich! Lasse dich an deine Lieblingssendungen, wie TV Total, Two and a Half Man und Navy CIS erinnern, so dass du nichts mehr verpasst! Anhand...

  • Unnecessary knowledge

    Unnecessary knowledge




    Did you know 123456 is the most frequently used password on the internet? Or did you know that “Rhinotillexomania” is the medical term for picking your nose? If not, this App is just the thing for you. We have collected around 2100 useless facts from all over the world and put them into an...

  • Egg Chef free

    Egg Chef free




    Are you tired of eggs not turning out the way you want them? Does it annoy you, that every time you want a hard-boiled egg you get a soft-boiled one instead? Well, then 'Egg Chef' might be answer to your breakfast-nightmares! With this app we promise, that your eggs will turn out just...

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