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If you could send me an email to tell me where you heard about this ap...

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Logic Riddles

You think you're smart? Prove it! Try out these great logic type r...

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Dummy 2

The rules are simple : you just have to count the number of little men...

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Test Your Hand's Reflexes!

Click on the gray button on the screen as soon as the phone vibrates!B...

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Learn Mandarin Fast

You want to learn Mandarin quickly, and find that flashcards take too...

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Difficult Logic Riddles Pro

You think you're smart ? Try this Widget! You'll find here som...

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Beautiful Landscapes

Having a rough day? There's nothing like these beautiful pictures...

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Difficult Maths Made Easy !

Any good Maths student will tell you : to be good, you need to see the...

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Logic Riddles Pro !

You like riddles? Try these. Here are a few riddles who are fun for co...

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Beautiful Landscapes Pro

Having a busy day ? Soothe yourself with these beautiful, peaceful lan...

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