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    SSHDroid is a SSH server implementation for Android. This application will let you connect to your device from a PC and execute commands (like "terminal" and "adb shell") or edit files (through SFTP, WinSCP, Cyberduck, etc...). If you like this application, you can consider supporting it by upgrading to the pro version with mor…

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    Download SambaDroid SambaDroid icon

    *** ROOT REQUIRED *** SambaDroid is a native port for Android of the popular Samba for Linux. This application allows you to share/manage files on your device easily from any PC of your network: once started just type [Win]+[R] in your computer, write \\SAMBADROID and enjoy! FAQs: q: Why my transfer speed decrease when I turn off the screen? a: E…

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    Download FTPDroid FTPDroid icon

    FTPDroid is an FTP server for Android that will let you to manage files and folders on your device without the USB cable. The benefits of using this application are: - Transfer files and folders to/from any computer and your device without the need of the USB cable. - No need anymore to mount/unmount the SD card. - Easily share files with other dev…

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    Download Waterize Live Wallpaper Waterize Live Wallpaper icon
    Waterize Live Wallpaper

    Waterize 2.x brings to your Android the coolest water effect ever! Features: - 3 predefined backgrounds, 10 in the full version - Custom image background (full version) - Multitouch support - Interactive particles with dynamic shadows and accelerometer support! (full version) - Rain option (full version) - Sound effects (full version) Feedback &a…

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    Download SSHDroid unlocker SSHDroid unlocker icon
    SSHDroid unlocker

    This application allows to unlock the pro version of SSHDroid.

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    Download BlueputDroidPro BlueputDroidPro icon

    *** Root required *** This application will allow to use your device as a remote mouse and keyboard for your PC/PS3. Since low level apis are used, there is no way by now to ensure 100% compatibility with all devices (because of different bluetooth implementations of some vendors): if the log says "invalid or inactive bluetooth device"…

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    Download Fluidifier Live Wallpaper Fluidifier Live Wallpaper icon
    Fluidifier Live Wallpaper

    Fluidifier is the most realistic Live Wallpaper for Android that simulates a fluid on your device. Unlock the full version to get: - 15 backgrounds - 20 shapes - All options unlocked - Affect the fluid with the accelerometer! - AdFree Feedback & suggestions? http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-fluidifier-live-wallpaper-t298…

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    Download Panorama Live Wallpaper Panorama Live Wallpaper icon
    Panorama Live Wallpaper

    OpenGL Live Wallpaper displaying 360° panoramic images! Features: - 3 predefined images - motion blur! Full version includes: - 6 images - custom image support - multitouch zoom - sensors/screen rotation! - parameters tweaks If you enjoy this wallpaper,please consider buying the full version,so I can keep developing it!

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