Best Addictive Brain Games

  • 7.0

    Cut and Slice




    Cut and slice in equal pieces, try to get as close as possible

  • 5.0

    Brain Age Game




    Find out if you're young enough and if not...keep practising!

  • Atomic Slash




    Atomic slash is an excellent addictive casual game. Cut the cool atomic board by passing your finger over it until the red pressure bar is full. When the pressure bar is full and atoms are at the desired density, you may proceed to the next level. Rules: Remember, your finger is your sword. Use...

  • Mummy Run




    Those poor mummies have been abandoned and got lost in desert. Lead each mummy to its home pyramid portal and free it's soul by closing the portal. During the game you will be given a desert map with mummies and pyramids, when all the space portals are open. You need to close all portals and...

  • Prime Brain Workout




    Simple yet addicting mobile teaser that tests your brain age based on your game performance. Improves and tests your short-term memory and brain age. Shows you the exact age of your brain. Instructions: Find the 2 prime numbers that sum up to the presented number. That's all. Think...

  • Tamago 3D




    Thank you for choosing our game! We worked hard to develop the best Tamago 3D game on the market. So...want to know what's inside this incredible 3D egg? The Tamago (the egg) is already placed for you in the nest and you need to simply knock on it. Don't worry, it will break at the end,...

  • Get2Me (Ads Free)




    Perfect app for those who need to share they current location without internet connection or data plan. Absolutely Free without any disturbing ads or banners. Want to share your current location with others? Have a problem to describe somebody how to get to your current location? Organizing a...

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