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Brain Age Test Free

*** TOP MIND GAME in Google play*** 15 MILLION DOWNLOADS *** Simple yet addicting mobile teaser which tests your brain age base on your game performance. Improves and tests your short-term memory and brain age. Shows you exact age of your brain. Try this Brain Age Analyzer and detect your brain age. Calculate your mental age and draw more informat…

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Brain Workout

Keep Your Brain Active! Use it or lose it. IS YOUR BRAIN ACTIVE? Sharpen Your Brain with 4 brain training games that will analyze your memory, concentration, reaction and accuracy abilities. Track your performance and watch your stats rise as you improve your mental skills each time you play. Compare scores with your friends. Test your brain in 4…

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Download Brain Test HD Brain Test HD icon
Brain Test HD

New version; if you have liked the old version - download Brain Test HD - Original Training Your Brain with Brain Test HD. Transform your Android into a personal coach, and turn tedious waiting time into a fun yet educational gaming session anywhere. FEATURES ★★★★★ ★ 5 different brain tests: Memory, Speed, Flexibility, Accuracy and Reaction ( m…

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Brain Exerciser

Play this game to improve your math skills or if you want to kill time. Brain Exerciser is fun even when compared to other test, action, strategy, multiplayer and puzzle games. Brain Exerciser is free to download, to install and to play. If you yourself need a quick refresher on the basics, download Brain Exerciser. If you want to get your ki…

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Download Move the Block Move the Block icon
Move the Block

Move rows and columns up, down, left or right, and try to achieve the target figure! 100 exciting levels of different difficulty. Challenge yourself to solve levels faster every day and track your scores. Share your best times on Facebook and impress your friends with your Intelligent Workout mastery! This app is a perfect instrument to execise…

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Download Connect it Connect it icon
Connect it

CONNECT IT IS THE HIT GAME EVERYONE IS PLAYING! NOW WITH 400 LEVELS! Connect it is a very addictive puzzle game and great time killer. The objective of the game is to connect all numbers and cover the entire board. Sounds simple, but incredible challenging at the difficult level. The game contains 400 levels, guarantee hours of entertainment. So…

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Download Brain Test HD - Original Brain Test HD - Original icon
Brain Test HD - Original

This is Original version of Brain Test HD game Brain Test HD - Original is the 5 different brain games that's easy to play and tough to beat! This game is for those who like smart gaming and puzzles. Fans of Crossword, Chess, Blocked, Sudoku, Brain Age Test , Tetris, Brain Teaser, and other 'thinker' games will feel right at home.

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Download Speed Test Speed Test icon
Speed Test

Is your brain faster than old CPU? Download this free test and find it out. Brain Speed Test is a free entertainment app that turns your Android device mobile into a brain speed tester. Find out your brain speed! Shows you exact speed of your brain. You do NOT need math skills or high IQ for this test. Try our original Brain Age Analyzer to find…

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Download Memory Span Memory Span icon
Memory Span

In this game you will be given a grid of spots, some of the spots will be highlighted for a moment, you need to memorise the pattern of the highlighted spots and then reproduce the pattern. As the game progresses the grid will be larger and Sound's simple? Yes it is. But this game gets difficult very fast. Game features include: 1. Global lea…

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Brain Age Test Friends

*** NEW BRAIN TRAINER GAME in Google play*** Play Brain Age Test with your friends on your Android! Now you can challenge your Facebook friends for the title of ultimate brain. Improves and tests your short-term memory and brain age. Shows you exact age of your brain. From the makers of best-free Brain Age Test Free comes the most addictive game…

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