Beyond Reality

  • Game AR Agenda 2014-2015




    De Game AR Agenda is nu verkrijgbaar bij je lokale boekhandel. Maak het schooljaar extra cool met de bijbehoorende Game Ar Agenda app! Met deze app kun je Augmented Reality games spelen op verschillende pagina's in je Game AR Agenda! Op sommige pagina's zie je een icoon staan. Dit...

  • Caspar Berger Skeleton




    For his project Skeleton, Dutch sculptor Caspar Berger has used the very latest unique technology to reveal the invisible. He had his body scanned in one of the world’s most advanced CT scanners. Using a 3D printer he was then able to produce precise reproductions of parts of his skeleton. Our...

  • Wish You




    Wish You is an Augmented Reality app by Beyond Reality. It shows you hidden Augmented Reality messages on cards or products that have been added to the app.

  • The Shooting Gallery




    The Shooting Gallery is a fun little Augmented Reality game in the style of a classic carnival shooting gallery. Augmented reality uses your camera to keep track of an image, like a money bill, or a magazine, and places a game or model on top of that. You can use any image, as long as it has...

  • SpaBerry Virtual Placement App




    Spaberry the ultimate 2 Seater 110V portable spa has vibrant colors which bring backyards and gardens to life and with our BerryPure filtration technology youc an finally enjoy a hot tub without over use of chemicals. The SpaBerry virtual placement app allows you to view a SpaBerry hot tub in...

  • IN2AR




    IN2AR is an ActionScript3 and Adobe Native Extension Library that allows you to detect images and estimate their pose using standard webcams/camera's or mobile cameras. The pose information can be used to place 3D objects and/or videos onto the image and create wonderfull Augmented Reality...

  • Beyond Reality




    The Beyond Reality App. Watch our showreel, try interactive 'augmented reality' demos and more! **The demos require a Beyond Reality businesscard or Booqi. If you don't have one, you can print one from:

  • Wijk AR




    *Flyer to use with the app can be found at Woonbedrijf asked Studio Maatwerk and Studio 1:1 to see how a regular paint job of the side elevation of an apartment complex on the Von Flotowlaan in Eindhoven could add a surplus for residents and the...

  • RetractaNet XS




    RetractaNet XS is Prysmian Group’s end-to-end integrated solution for cost-effective networks. The system offers significant savings on total cost of installation. In fact, it can reduce the overall cost of OSP network deployment by 7–9% It enables fast and flawless installation making use of...





    YOUNG LINE ist die Rundum-Sicherheit für junge Leute. Leben bedeutet Veränderung - dabei ist es wichtig, immer optimal gegen die Risiken des Lebens abgesichert zu sein. Je früher, desto besser! Denn mit einem frühen Start sicherst Du Dir viele Vorteile. Mit YOUNG LINE der AachenMünchener gibt...

  • Op De Achterbank




    Deze app werkt samen met het ultieme vakantie-digidoeboek: Op de Achterbank! Hier te verkrijgen: Apen uit de Eiffeltoren tikken, zo snel mogelijk een tent opzetten, ballonnen schieten...'Op de Achterbank' is een...

  • Op de Achterbank - English


    This app works with the ultimate holiday digi-do-book: On the Backseat! Tapping monkeys from the Eiffel Tower, build a tent as soon as possible, shooting balloons... "On the Backseat" is a holiday do-boek new style, so packed with interactive games and old fashioned stuff that there was...

  • Biljet AR - AC130 Beta




    Beyond Reality's first Mobile Augmented Reality Game! **Yes it needs updating -.- Working on that!** Augmented Reality is a technique where a 'marker', a real-life image or object, is tracked on screen and used to add an extra dimension to the camera image, real-time! In...

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