• European SUV


    European SUV - game that will allow you to drive many cars. Features: - 3 types of vehicle control (touch buttons and accelerometer) - 5 cars (With each update 1, 2 cars). - Change of time - Realistic physics of car

  • Don't Hungry




    Adaptation of the beloved games on mobile platforms. Survival - a sandbox on your phone now! Collect resources, fight monsters, create tools to facilitate their survival in the harsh world of Do not hungry! The game is in alpha version. Before buying a few times think if you want to test the...





    Game at an early stage of development! RUSTY Survival - a game about survival in the open world of zombies and players. We again find ourselves in a world that has embraced the apocalypse. We are not alone in this world. Besides us there are people here, zombies. This world is rusty, like rust...

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