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Power Save Mode Toggle

Provide "Power Save Mode" to end-user, if the battery is low, the automatic "Power Save Mode" can also be triggered. And save the battery's life. (ENERGY CONSERVATION @@!)

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Download Extra Phone Settings Extra Phone Settings icon
Extra Phone Settings

Provide Extra Phone Settings to end-users. Featuring: * Vibrate when outgoing call is connected. * Notify when system is ready * Notify when system is shutting down. * Notify when plug in the USB * Notify when battery is full. * Extra Phone Info. * reply phone call by using sms when the user is busy. ps: if there is any problem about this applicat…

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Download Secret Phone Settings Secret Phone Settings icon
Secret Phone Settings

Provide additional information for end-user. 1. Phone Info. 2. Battery Info. 3. Battery History 4. Usage statistics 5. Calendar Information 6. Hardware Information 7. Software Information 8. Wifi Information 9. Specific "Hide Menu" on device.

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Download Mobile data enabler widget 3G Mobile data enabler widget 3G icon
Mobile data enabler widget 3G

Provide the widget to user to turn on/off mobile data by using the widget. The app has been verified by using sub devices. * Google Nexus One * Google Nexus S * Google Galaxy Nexus

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Download Target Home Launcher Target Home Launcher icon
Target Home Launcher

Provide a tool "Target Home Launcher" for end-user. The user can select an application to be the home app. How to use: 1. setup the app “Target Home Launcher” to be the default Home App. 2. select an app from the app list.

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Download WifiAp Toggle/Widget WifiAp Toggle/Widget icon
WifiAp Toggle/Widget

Provide a widget to end-user to turn on/off the Wifi AP quickly. Easy to share the data network by using the Wifi Tethering. * Support: Google Galaxy Nexus. Google Galaxy S Google Nexus One. v1.07 * add option to auto start the wifi Ap. * fix bug when disable the WiFI Ap function , the WiFi will be turned on.

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Download The Death Grip (Antenna) The Death Grip (Antenna) icon
The Death Grip (Antenna)

V1.01 * User can press the "HOME" to use the bumper. The Death Grip (Antenna reception issue)

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