NEW Ghost Hunting Technology Turns your Android device into a working "Spirit Box" NO false positives. Guaranteed to be free of ANY phonetic sounds and free of all radio interference. NOT A NOVELTY ITEM, This APP is designed by ghost hunters for ghost hunters! NEW Ghost hunting...

  • AudioTrap Sound Recorder FREE




    AudioTrap Sound Recorder FREE From Big Beard Studios, creator of EchoVox, EVR, SV2 SpiritVox, StudioVerb and more brings you a new way to record audio. AudioTrap will capture any sound above the user defined threshold. User can set amount of time for recording to run when triggered. From 3 -...





    A whole new EchoVox system. Based on the same principles and tech as EchoVox Classic and EchoVox 3.0. This system operates in 2 modes. Both modes run a real time echo/feedback loop proven to be effective in EVP research. Both modes also feature the famous Big Beard Audio reverb control panel...

  • SV-2 SpiritVox "Ghost Box" SV1




    SV-1 has upgraded to SV-2! (SV-1 Version 4.0) NEW Ghost hunting Technology! Turns your Android device into a working “Spirit Box”. OVER 16,000 happy users worldwide! *TOP 20 IN GOOGLE PLAY LIFESTYLE APPS!* USED AND TRUSTED BY BILL MURPHY OF TV'S FACT OR FAKED. BARRY FITZGERALD & ROBB...

  • DarkVox V.666 ITC GHOST BOX




    DarkVox Version 666 "Summoner edition" ALL AUDIO SOURCED 100% FROM THE OLD TESTAMENT. Bank A source: Daniel 2, Kings 13, Psalms69, Leviticus 1 - IN REVERSE - SAMPLE LENGTH = 250ms Bank B source: Revelation - FORWARD - 0.5s NEW FEATURE: DIGITAL COMPASS Pentagram works as a digital...

  • EchoVox 2.0 Classic Edition




    EchoVox Classic edition is the version 2.5 build containing the classic Bank A/ Bank B configuration. This version has been featured around the world on several television series and used by thousands of paranormal investigators around the world. EchoVox Classic edition is a great place to start...

  • ECHOVOX System 3




    NEW VERSION 3.0 is here! 3 years in the making. Now featuring pro quality reverb, the famous "Hindi" based bank D, upgraded audio engine now recording mono wav 44.1 files, a whole new mode, reversed playback and more. The learning curve for 3.0 is pretty steep for the new user. You...

  • Studioverb Android Reverb FX




    Studioverb Android Reverb allows you to control and experiment with all of the depth and clarity of a studio reverb unit. 44100 sample rate via mic input Add reverb to your voice or instrument in real time. *** PLEASE NOTE *** This app uses your microphone and speaker. If feedback occurs lower...

  • GV-1 GhostVox V2 Ghost Box EVP




    NEW VERSION *** REVERB ADDED! From the creator of the SV-1 SpiritVox, A new approach to the software ghost box. I have put together a software system that blends 4 channels of chaotic noise and speed control to aid in paranormal research, EVP and ITC. After studying countless recordings of...





    From the creator of the popular SpiritVox comes The "Spirifone" REAL-TIME EVP RECORDER! Built for Ghost Hunters by Ghost Hunters! This is one of the most important tools you can have for Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigations! Stop waiting to review recordings to find out if you...

  • Spirit Voice 2.0 SW Ghost Box




    From the creator of SpiritVox comes the long awaited VERSION 2.0 vocal generator version of the SV-1 SpiritVox software ghost box. This software plays multiple channels of random vocal samples, synthetic speech generated at random from word library along with speed control and SV-1 bendable...

  • SpiritLights II Paranormal app




    FROM THE CREATOR OF SPIRITVOX and ECHOVOX. SpiritLights II is the new version of Spirit Lights, this version replaces the now retired original version which had over 50,000 downloads world wide. I have tried to make it more user friendly and more interactive. Think of it as a sort of digital...

  • SpiriTrap Paranormal Sensor V1




    From the creator of SpiritVox, Echovox and Spirit Voice comes a new paranormal investigation tool. SpiriTrap is a sensor based application which uses your devices Magnetometer and Accelerometer sensors available on most devices. If your device does not have the required sensor it will not be...

  • SPIRITONE Sonic EMF Ghost Box




    Spiritone V.1 Sonic Energy Device / ECHOVOX System. From the creator of the SV-1 SpiritVox and ECHOVOX. This paranormal research tool is an experiment using 4 channels of randomly generated audio tones on multiple channels playing at variable speeds and random note lengths. All 4 channels can...

  • "Ghost Voice Catcher" AUTO EVP




    NEW GHOST HUNTING TECHNOLOGY! A totally NEW way to conduct EVP sessions! GREAT USER MADE VIDEOS ON GHOST VOICE CATCHER: Hands free, set it up and let the app do ALL the work! It's will ask the questions and record any...

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