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  • Potterology Harry Potter Quiz




    Potterology is all things Harry Potter! Travel with Harry to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and get enthralled with Harry, Ron and Hermione as they encounter fantastic creatures and experience dangerous feats that test their magical skills. Play Potterology and immerse yourself in the...

  • Sexologist - Sex Advice & Tips




    WARNING 18+ - This app is about mature content of a sexually explicit nature and is recommended only for mature adults not offended by sexual content. Do you have a question about sex or something you are just curious about. Perhaps you are looking for some sex advice or sex tips to help...

  • Popology - Pop Music Trivia




    Have you always been a fan of Pop music? Fondly remember all those songs playing on the radio? Popology, is a game about Pop music trivia of all ages from the 80's until now. The Popology database is filled with fun and easy questions that will remind you of all your favorite pop songs....

  • 5.0

    2BrokeGirlsology 2 Broke Girls




    Enjoy quotes and trivia from your favorite tv show and girls: Max and Caroline

  • Alienology - Alien UFO Trivia




    Alienology is a trivia game that combines the Alien pop culture of movies, tv and games with the history of famous UFO sightings. Are you a believer in Aliens and/or UFOs? Do you feel we are not alone? Example Alienology Questions 1) In 1947, a UFO crashed near this town in New Mexico....

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