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Download Sexology - Sex Game Sex Quiz Sexology - Sex Game Sex Quiz icon
Sexology - Sex Game Sex Quiz

WARNING: this app discusses sex in a mature manner and is intended for only a mature audience (18+) Sexology is the up and coming sex game and sex quiz on the Android market. Sexology challenges the player with a variety of sex trivia questions on human sexuality, sex education, strange sex practices and customs, gender, sex techniques, famous se…

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Download Potterology Harry Potter Quiz Potterology Harry Potter Quiz icon
Potterology Harry Potter Quiz

Potterology is all things Harry Potter! Travel with Harry to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and get enthralled with Harry, Ron and Hermione as they encounter fantastic creatures and experience dangerous feats that test their magical skills. Play Potterology and immerse yourself in the world where Professor Dumbledore, Hagrid, a trip to…

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Download Horrorology - Horror Trivia Horrorology - Horror Trivia icon
Horrorology - Horror Trivia

WARNING: This game is intended for a mature player, if you are easily scared, DO NOT play this game. Are you a horror fanatic and have seen every horror movie or TV show ever made. Then Horrorology, is the horror trivia game that will test your knowledge of all those scary movies and tv shows. This unique horror trivia game has hundreds of tri…

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Download gleeology - glee gleek trivia gleeology - glee gleek trivia icon
gleeology - glee gleek trivia

Catchy songs and quirky characters have made Glee a hit TV show! Do you consider yourself a gleek? Then give gleeology a try, it's a free game that will test your knowledge of all the characters on Glee. From Sue Sylvester to Mr. Schuester and everyone in between. gleeology is a fun trivia game with hundreds of questions here are a few sample q…

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Download Trekology - Star Trek Trivia Trekology - Star Trek Trivia icon
Trekology - Star Trek Trivia

Star Trek has become an iconic vision of the future that was first created by Gene Roddenbury in the 60s that started out as a cult phenomena and is now a mainstream science fiction genre. Trekology is the Star Trek trivia game that challenges the player with trek trivia from the many Star Trek movies and tv series. From the new Star Trek movies…

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Download Medology - Medical Health Quiz Medology - Medical Health Quiz icon
Medology - Medical Health Quiz

Medology tests your knowledge of medical facts, human anatomy, viruses, disease, medical conditions and other general health questions. This health quiz is great for anyone interested or wanting to learn more about human health and wellness and the quiz questions are written in everyday language. Medology is great as a learning tool or quiz you c…

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Download Sexologist - Sex Advice & Tips Sexologist - Sex Advice & Tips icon
Sexologist - Sex Advice & Tips

WARNING 18+ - This app is about mature content of a sexually explicit nature and is recommended only for mature adults not offended by sexual content. Do you have a question about sex or something you are just curious about. Perhaps you are looking for some sex advice or sex tips to help improve your love life. The Sexologist will answer your an…

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Download Triviaology - Trivia Quiz Game Triviaology - Trivia Quiz Game icon
Triviaology - Trivia Quiz Game

Triviaology is the trivia quiz for all things trivia. The massive trivia database of trivia questions will keep you and your friends challenged for days. From questions on everything to movies, tv shows, ad slogans, famous quotes, animals, food, pop music, sports and more. The trivia quiz questions are updated every two weeks and constantly chan…

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Download Hackology - The Hacker Quiz Hackology - The Hacker Quiz icon
Hackology - The Hacker Quiz

WARNING - This app is intended for a mature audience and provided only for informational purposes for those interested in systems and network security. Hackology is the ultimate hacker quiz intended to test the security professional and anyone else interested in network and systems security. The questions are very technical and specific to the ac…

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Download GOTology - Game of Thrones HBO GOTology - Game of Thrones HBO icon
GOTology - Game of Thrones HBO

GOTology is the Game of Thrones series on HBO trivia game. Test your knowledge of the exciting series on HBO. Questions cover topics range from characters, quotes, places, events, actors and more. GOTology is strictly about the Game of Thrones series on HBO so some questions may differ from the original series of books, A Song of Ice and Fire by…

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Download Foodology Food Quiz & Trivia Foodology  Food Quiz & Trivia icon
Foodology Food Quiz & Trivia

Foodology is the game that tests your knowledge about food in an informative quiz with plenty of food trivia questions. This food quiz will test your expertise on foods from around the world, classic French dishes, basic culinary knowledge, celebrity chefs, strange and unique foods, interesting food facts, chef and cooking tips, food history and m…

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Download Bieberology - J Bieber Trivia Bieberology - J Bieber Trivia icon
Bieberology - J Bieber Trivia

The hair, the smile, the songs, you know him as the singing sensation Justin Bieber. Never say never and never give up on your dreams is what he tells the masses as he is living his dream. Play this trivia game and test your knowledge on how well you know this superstar! Also play the Belieber test and find out how big a fan you are of Justin Biebe…

Free 46 8.4

8.4 Users


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