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  • Guide to Android Wear

    Guide to Android Wear




    If you're new to Android Wear, you can use this app to learn all about them. You can find out what they are, how to set them up, and what types there are currently. Depending on what version of android your device is running on, the apps background will change color! So, if you have a new...

  • BigTooth Reviews

    BigTooth Reviews


    BigTooth Reviews is here to tell you what you should and shouldn't buy in tech world. We review everything from two-in-one laptops to budget Bluetooth headphones. We release reviews fairly often so be sure to check for new ones often!

  • Alone in the Mansion (DEMO)

    Alone in the Mansion (DEMO)




    In this action packed adventure game, you are chased by cobras, held captive by vampires, and much more! One morning you wake up to get a drink and somehow you're in a mansion. That's not even as weird as it gets! Check it out for yourself and if you like it, get the full version (COMING...

  • BigTooth Internet Browser

    BigTooth Internet Browser




    BigTooth Internet Browser is the new browser made by BigTooth! It is quite a bit different from other browsers, but thats what makes it better!

  • Digital Clock Widgets

    Digital Clock Widgets


    With this app, you get two digital clock widgets. One is a three-by-one, while the other is a two-by-one. No matter how big or small your screen is, you'll always have one that fits your screen perfectly!

  • BigTooth Launcher

    BigTooth Launcher




    BigTooth Launcher is very similar to the launcher from vanilla Android, plus it has the new KitKat transparent UI! It's got transparent navigation and status to get the most out of your wallpaper and launcher. Be sure to check it out and look for updates!

  • Herobrine Wallpapers

    Herobrine Wallpapers




    Herobrine Wallpapers is the Android app that allows you to set your wallpaper to a picture of Herobrine, Minecraft's devil, and Notches dead brother. Check it out, rate, review, and if you like it, recommend it to friends and family! Check out our fan page on...

  • Bedford County Humane Society

    Bedford County Humane Society




    This is the official app for the Bedford County Humane Society, which is located in south central Pennsylvania. They're a non-profit organization, made to keep animals safe until they find their "furever" home. Since they're non-profit, they survive on donations, and donations...

  • BigTooth Music

    BigTooth Music




    BigTooth Music is the new music player with KitKat's transparent UI. We took the stock android music player and upgraded it. We know there are still a few bugs, but we'll get them out of the way in the near future. Keep an eye out for updates!

  • Pointless Button (AndroidWear)

    Pointless Button (AndroidWear)




    This all-new pointless button app is for people with Android Wear devices. You can use it anywhere now; on-the-go, at school, at work, anywhere! Try it out and see how amazed you'll be at the pointlessness.

  • Pointless Button Widget

    Pointless Button Widget




    This is the successor the our previous "Pointless Button App". We added Kit Kat UI, an all-new widget for your launcher (home screen) and updated the button. The new button looks more like the one from the asdf movies and works just the same. Try it out for yourself!

  • Wallpapers for Android

    Wallpapers for Android




    If you're an android lover, like we are here at BigTooth, then you'll love this app! We've got lots of cool, android themed wallpapers that are all high quality so they don't turn out blurry on your launcher. Also, if you're running a KitKat or newest device, you can take...

  • BigTooth Clock & Widget

    BigTooth Clock & Widget


    If you've seen our other analog clock widgets, then you'll love this one. This isn't only the widget, but also a clock app. Check it out!

  • Mini Analog Clock Widget

    Mini Analog Clock Widget




    You may have seen our original Analog Clock Widget app, the two by two version. Well, say hello to the all new mini! This version is the same, but takes up half the space of the last one! Check it out and see what you think.

  • I Am Rich

    I Am Rich


    Do you want to be able to tell all of your friends that you're rich? I know I would! With the "I Am Rich" app, you can flip the switch and it'll tell you you're rich! You may have heard about these kinds of apps before, but this one is much less expensive! Try it for...

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