Bilekal Hegde

  • Indian Newspapers & Magazines




    Features 1) Many papers without cluttering your screen. 1) Read major regional language and English Newspapers on your phone free of cost. 2) Read Indian magazines - English and some regional language. 3) Visit your favorite tech sites -both Indian and International 4) Check cricket scores and...

  • Akshara Kannada Keyboard




    Akshara is your transliteration keyboard for Kannada and Hindi. You can type your contents easily phonetically, using qwerty keyboard. You can also use actual kannada/hindi keyboards. Features: 1> Transliteration for easy typing 2> Switch between languages...

  • Shataka




    Shataka - (means hundred) is a math puzzle. You should drag and drop 9 numbers in 3X3 grid so that each row and each column adds up to 100. In the first level 3 numbers of solution are provided for you. In second level, 2 numbers are provided. A nice app for both children and adults alike.

  • MemoryPro




    Do you have memory like an elephant? Show off your memory to your friends using this game. Also,this game helps in improving your memory. Game can be played with words or numbers. Or you can play the card memory game you had played as a child. On your phone. Or you can play with pattern...

  • Kannada-Hindi Keyboard




    Just type your messages, memos and notes in your Indian languages using this IME. Currently you can select either kannada or devanagari (marathi/hindi). Switch over to numbers, symbols or English in between. Make sure that your phone has kannada or hindi font.If you can read this ಸಿರಿಗನ್ನಡಂ...

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