• 브레인 베이스볼


    야구! 이제 머리 좋아지는 야구로 즐기자! 머리 좋아지는 숫자 야구! 브레인 베이스볼을 즐겨보세요~ 날카로운 추리력과 빠른 순발력으로 짧은 시간안에 3자리 숫자를 맞추는 놀이입니다. 혼자서도 즐기고 랭킹으로 내 순위도 확인하고 친구랑 함께 멀티 플레이로도 즐겨...

  • Contacts Icon Maker




    This is the Icon Maker. Now, you do not need to dial in complex ways any more. Once you create a contact icon through the Icon Maker, you can call or text someone by the icon at once. Enjoy the Icon Maker. ver 1.0 1. Specific contacts of the contacts list, connect to a single icon 2. Icon...

  • The Text Speaker




    The Text Speaker From Now Please Listen do not look the text. The application supports to speaking the your text by woman voice. By default, This application is not only for visual disabilities friends but also for busy business man. In additional, When you are exercising, driving, eating, and...

  • Parking Memory




    Are you still confusing due to forget where you park your car? Even, Your lover or family suffer because of you? Don't worry about it by this app. It's easy to remember where you park your car with simple touch. In detail, which floor and which area. Throw your burden to remember your...

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