Biolithic Tech

  • Buy Art Not People BANP




    This is the Android app for Buy Art Not People, an initiative by artists to raise awareness and resources to combat modern slavery (aka Human Trafficking). We are based in Chicago, IL. Free to download and ad-free for smartphones and tablets! Tested on Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and...

  • Pregnancy Caffeine Monitor


    This app is for pregnant women to decide what to eat/drink during pregnancy, caffeine wise. Can I treat myself to a latte or cappuccino? What size or brand of diet pop should I drink? What if I crave chocolate or a chai tea? What medicines should I avoid for a headache? Can I have another or...

  • Caffeine Monitor for Adults




    This app is for health-conscious people to keep track of how much caffeine they are taking in through their drinks, foods, and vitamins every day. How many drinks can I have today without headaches, sleep disorders or digestion problems? Can I have another or is that unhealthy? SIMPLE TO USE! An...

  • Low Sodium Coffee Options


    If your doctor tells you that you need to be on a "low sodium diet", this app will tell you which coffee and tea drinks at popular USA chains meet the requirements by the FDA for "low sodium options" that you can enjoy in a very easy-to-use and simple manner. Do you have high...

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