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D&D Dice by b.freq

When the dice are rolled you hear them on the wood. The results are sketched on your choice of paper. A dice log keeps and displays any rolls you perform down to the individual dice roll with bonuses, totals and a time stamp. D&D Dice by b.freq allows you to always have your dice with you without losing the feeling of rolling the real thing!…

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TouchLight - Free Flashlight

TouchLight now with Lockscreen and Home Widgets! TouchLight, one of the best free flashlight apps on the market, is an easy, useful and customizable app that instantly transforms your phone into a flashlight by touching, shaking or locking it on. Set it to toggle or have the light on only when you’re touching the screen! There are shortcuts to w…

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Magic Life Counter by b.freq

This life counter for Magic the Gathering has a simple and beautiful design. It's easy to start a new game, roll dice, keep track of wins and of course does a great job at tracking your life. There is even a built in calculator, while still keeping the interface clean, intuitive and tablet friendly. Magic Counter by b.freq stays out of your way…

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D&D Dice Pro by b.freq

This is the pro version for D&D Dice by b.freq. We recommend that you download the free version and check out the demo before purchasing this. This is just a key and requires you to have the free version of D&D Dice by b.freq to work. Features: * With this key you will no longer be limited to 6 hours of demo time! * 2 full custom dice s…

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