• Seismology




    Get information of the latest earthquakes from the USGS, Mexican, Chilean and Nepal seismographic services. Get instant notifications of nearby earthquakes. This app doesn't use any resources when it's turned off! You'll get FAST notifications of nearby earthquakes without using...

  • TransantiagoMaster




    Santiago de Chile in your cellphone! TransantiagoMaster allows you to view a highly detailed map of Santiago de Chile, along with information of transportation lines (Transantiago) and bus stops. If you're traveling to Santiago, download this app to find your way thru the city.

  • Chile Trademark Search




    Search in Chile´s national database of trademarks. It's very useful to discover if your trademark is registered or requested in Chile. If you are an Intellectual Property lawyer you will find it very useful! Just enter a search term and you'll get a list of trademarks requested and/or...

  • Cell Towers




    With this app you will know where are the closest cell towers around you. Very useful to figure out why you have bad signal/reception, or why objects around you are glowing in the dark :) Coverage for Chile is provided by the Government of Chile at their Open Data site. World coverage provided...

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