• ObCaster - A Chromecast caster

    ObCaster - A Chromecast caster




    ObCaster - A Chromecast caster Show your photos, movies, documents or web pages in big format on your TV. ObCaster is intended to be activated from other apps, we recommend ObBrowser for WEB pages and ObFolder for files on your device or in your local network. Menus Settings Play lists - you...

  • Flies





    Flies - The fly exterminator game Kill the flies before they lay eggs and the worms eat up your machine. Points: 2 points for killing a fly 1 point for crushing a fly (cleanup compensation) -1 point for fly that fly away -2 points to miss. You can adjust the difficulty by increasing the number...

  • ObBrowser - A WEB client

    ObBrowser - A WEB client




    ObBrowser - A WEB client Just an ordinary WEB browser Why another browser? For application that need a working copy and paste function! Menus Reload - Reload the page Search - Search for page words Download - Manage downloads Bookmark - Manage bookmarks Days - Storage of visited history...

  • ObElderRemote



    ObElder Remote - Let it be easier to get old So you are so lucky to have older face will surely see to, you can take part in old stories and reminiscences, you get the experience of a long life and joy and gratitude from those you take off. Everything is not always so easy, they forget to take...

  • ObElder



    ObElder - Let it be easier to get old The sight is perhaps not so good - large buttons make it easier to find what you want. To be in touch with family and friends enter the speed dial to social applications You still need to keep your brain active, you also have fast access to brain games....

  • ObDriver: sickness protector

    ObDriver: sickness protector




    Become a better driver. Prevent motion sickness and give your passengers a comfortable ride. ObCoDriver help you to drive carefully to avoid motion sickness. Normally, you should slow down to prevent motion sickness, both in a car or a boat. Animals react differently than humans on motion...

  • ObMap: map, route and tracks

    ObMap: map, route and tracks




    Maps, route, track, navigation and ship- and road traffic information aids Map from Google, Open Street and Eniro - Map View - Terrain view - Satellite view - Land and sea maps - GPS satellite views Off-line map upload Search waypoint - An address - Contacts - Some...

  • ObEdit: An editor

    ObEdit: An editor




    This editor has been made mainly to edit ObHealth exercise scripts. It has also proved handy to view files with extensions most applications will not show. Menus Menus are available both by a long press on the screen or with the general menu of the application head. Edit - Correct text. Undo -...

  • Print local or in sky

    Print local or in sky




    ObPrint - Print client Print locally or on Google cloud print. WIFI must be on to print locally by a CUPS server The printer can be activated from app's providing View or Print action or from "myFiles" application. The output will be printed on "default printer". Menus...

  • ObHealth: health & fitness

    ObHealth: health & fitness




    Check body indices: BMI (Body Mass Index), BMR (Body Metabolism Rate), BFI (Body Fat Index), Expected Max heart rate. Heart - Measure rest pulse, max pulse and restituation rate. Calendar - Integrate plan in your Android calendar Plans - Training shall not be montonous, set up different plans...

  • Ob: stocks,commodity,currency

    Ob: stocks,commodity,currency




    Keep control of your shares. Day by day, you can collect your own information on your selected portfolio of stocks, stock exchanges, commodities and currencies. Want it as a widget on the screen, long press where you want it and select it from the menu. Feeding Select between stock portfolio,...

  • StyleMirror - Styling mirror

    StyleMirror - Styling mirror




    Styling Mirror - Just an ordinary mirror Touch the screen and you can change your appearance. Select different style changes: the latest fashion, youthful or classic. You can also try out different kinds of mustache and beard. You can change the color by pressing the hair or beard. You can...

  • ObRss: news and weather

    ObRss: news and weather




    Get news and 7 days weather forecasts from around the world. Go to the source of the news by reading known newspapers: Aftenposten, Aftonbladet, Al-Ahwas (Iran), Al Cuds (Il), Al Jazeera, Arab News (Saudi Arabia), Bangkok Post (Tailand), Beeld (Zouth Africa), Bild (Germany), Bueno Aires Haralds...

  • A weight scale for mobiles

    A weight scale for mobiles




    ObWeight Do you need an approximate weight? This one is not an exact one, but in need... Place the unit on a soft surface or hold it in your palm. Before starting the measurement, calibrate the scale. Then place what to be weighed on the device, and measure the weight. Calibrate - Set zero...

  • ObMail, secure e-mail

    ObMail, secure e-mail




    ObMail - Secret mobile e-mail Secret mail made easy. Send a signed e-mail to a friend, and you can receive an encrypted e-mail from him. Receive a signed e-mail from a friend, and you can return an encrypted e-mail. Nobody else can read it! Menus Compose - Write a new e-mail. View - View...

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