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Download Scientific Calculator 3D Free Scientific Calculator 3D Free icon

Scientific Calculator 3D Free

"Scientific Calculator 3D Free" is a powerful math tool for...

Free | 7.6 859

7.6 Users
Download Smart Utilities Free Smart Utilities Free icon

Smart Utilities Free

A comprehensive set of tools to boost your device's performance

Free | 7.4 190

7.4 Expert
Download LCM Least Common Multiple LCM Least Common Multiple icon

LCM Least Common Multiple

Simple and intuitive app to calculate the Least Common Multiple of N n...

Free | 7.2 151

7.2 Users
Download Converter DEC-BIN-HEX-OCT Converter DEC-BIN-HEX-OCT icon


This app allows you to convert a positive integer number between 4 dif...

Free | 7.6 131

7.6 Users
Download Notes' Rainbow Free Notes' Rainbow Free icon

Notes' Rainbow Free

Can you guess all the notes? Test yourself with Notes' Rainbow, t...

Free | 6.2 129

6.2 Users
Download Equation Solver Equation Solver icon

Equation Solver

This app solves an equation of degree n (with n <= 20). It is simpl...

Free | 7.8 51

7.8 Users
Download Inverse Matrix Inverse Matrix icon

Inverse Matrix

This app allows the calculation of the inverse of square matrix. The a...

Free | 8 40

8 Users
Download Sliding Puzzle Sliding Puzzle icon

Sliding Puzzle

The 15-puzzle (also called Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle, Game of Fifteen, M...

$0.72 Free | 8.6 37

8.6 Users
Download Matrix Determinant Matrix Determinant icon

Matrix Determinant

This app allows the calculation of the determinant of any square matri...

Free | 8.6 29

8.6 Users
Download Matrix Product Matrix Product icon

Matrix Product

The use is intuitive, you have to size the matrices by entering the nu...

Free | 8.2 28

8.2 Users
Download Matrix Calculator Free Matrix Calculator Free icon

Matrix Calculator Free

Matrix Total Calculator Free is a simple and intuitive app: it is a po...

Free | 7.8 26

7.8 Users
Download BisMag Calculator 3D BisMag Calculator 3D icon

BisMag Calculator 3D

Use the matrix and the graphing calculator, enter expressions and view...

$1.31 $0.99 | 7 93

7 Expert

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