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Network Monitoring System

In network management terms, network monitoring is the phrase used to describe a system that continuously monitors a network and notifies a network administrator though messaging systems when a device fails or an outage occurs. Network monitoring system that is designed to monitor an entire business or enterprise network. Some applications are use…

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Customer relationship management (CRM) is a model for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customrs.It provides a 360 degree view of customer data. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing and technical support. This CRM solution is a 100% web-based solution designed to help sales,…

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Hotel Management Software (HMS) is all about total controlling of hospitality business, valuing customer’s small part of time in his/ her life with home comfort, independence & best services. Bit Wave Solutions brings a total hotel management system managing the relationships you have with your guests as well as many different areas…

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The HR function consists of tracking existing employee data which traditionally includes personal histories, skills, capabilities, accomplishments and salary. To reduce the manual workload of these administrative activities, organizations began to electronically automate many of these processes by introducing specialized human resource management…

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The HSE is a large organisation of over 100,000 people, whose job is to run all of the public health services in Ireland. The HSE manages services through a structure designed to put patients and clients at the centre of the organisation. The HSE provides all of Ireland's public health services, in hospitals and communities across the country…

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Production EPD

Despite varying concepts, each practice uses KPI or Enterprise Performance dashboard (EPD) to assess, analyze and track Production processes. Even if an organization does not employ formal continuous improvement initiatives, efficiency gains can still be realized by Bitwave Solutions EPD of total Production processes. KPI / EPD or Enterprise Perfo…

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ACS-Apt’s mobile version of Purchase Invoice Processing System (PIPS) offers anytime, anywhere access to the higher authorities about the recent purchases, invoices and approval status that happens within their organization. The application can bring technological differentiation to the bottlenecks of a purchasing process, thus maximizing productiv…

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Expert iLMS

Expert lims’s iLMS Mobile app brings you live update from the laboratory. A unique product of its kind, the app allows the customers & clients to be well connected with the lab or testing cycle virtually and brings LIMS reporting and analytics on mobiles and smart phones on the move! Reporting & Analytics application is designed with deep…

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Finance KPI

Finance KPI / EPD or Enterprise performance dashboard are metrics used to evaluate your company's financial growth. They can measure progress regarding your company's profit, growth, turnover, earnings and capital analysis. These metrics are quantifiable measures that are derived by integrating with any systems to produce more accurate r…

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ACS’ mobile version of Purchase Order Soho House(POSH) offers anytime, anywhere access to POSH application. Users can view details of recent purchases, invoices, deliveries and do approvals as well. The application can bring technological differentiation to the bottlenecks of purchasing process, thus maximizing productivity and enhancing the access…

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