• JP VAT Cal




    As usually the VAT won’t be included in the price when you shop in Japan, this calculator aim to help you calculate the VAT and also the total of the price you need to pay. Also it had the faction that can help you to exchange the total to 8 most common currencies in the world. The major factions...

  • LunarCal(中國農曆)




    Chinese Lunar Calendar 中國農曆 工具程式 (From year 1920 to year 2060) 通勝宜忌功能 : 2011﹣2016 功能如下: - 搜尋日期 - 以滑動來切換月份 - 支持 7" Tablet 平板 - 星期一/日起始選擇(按Menu) - 簡體支持 - 節日標示 ** Internet Access is needed only for Ads...

  • Trailer 王




    我們搜羅各國在香港上影的電影Trailer, 幫你發掘新鮮有趣的電影,你也可以把電影Trailer分享給朋友! 此App 也可以用來測試你的高清手機,大量精彩高清電影Trailer等你來試! Powered by Youtube.

  • Bollywood Trailer




    Bollywood Trailer App This App bought you 100+ hottest and latest Bollywood movie trailers from YouTube. It is good for discovering new Bolloywood movies and share your favorite trailer to friends. Of course, you can test your HD screen with all the gorgeous HD Bollywood movie trailers!...

  • 香港六合彩 (Mark Six)




    顯示六合彩攪珠結果 (香港) ** 如果使用app2sd,widget就不能使用,此乃ANDROID之設計。 "每個香港人都有一個發達夢!" (可於發達金幣和核對功能表使用!) (在核對功能,長按那些數字!) 功能如下: - 核對功能 - 六合彩提示功能,等你唔好唔記得買! - 馬會地圖 - 隨機功能可選全隨機和隨機六字 - 過往十期 - Widget功能 - 最新結果 - 分享功能 資料來源: 香港賽馬會 免責條款: 作者不聲明或保證其內容之正確性或可靠性;亦不承擔任何法律責任,因此而導致之衍生性損失概不負責。 Mark Six, mark six,...

  • G-Fortune Telling




    * ATTENTION: Chinese Only App * It is a Chinese fortune telling app. Have fun with your friends! No internet connection is required. Press 'Menu' to select Simplified/Traditional Chinese.

  • 前世今生




    《 前世今生 》 ~ 你和他的前世因緣 ~ 輸 入 你 和 他 的 出 生 年 月 日, 便 能 查 出 你 和 他 前 世 的 關 係!

  • Armitage's Dimension Radio




    Armitage's Dimension Streams Jpop/Jrock/Anime, 40,000+ Songs, User Requests, Live Chat and more! Check out the official site: * Disclaimer * - use wifi/3g for the best performance - radio streaming requires lots of data usage, please make sure it won't use over...

  • Hong Kong Live Wallpaper




    Shining stars in Hong Kong! - stars blinking in Hong Kong (World famous night scene) - support portrait and landscape mode.

  • Shining stars live wallpaper




    Shining stars in Tokyo! - stars blinking in tokyo - support portrait and landscape mode. Credits: Photo by Sam Yeung.

  • Halloween Black Cat Widget




    Halloween Black Cat Widget A Halloween Black Cat Widget for your Android Home Screen. - 1x2 Clock Widget - with simple and lovely animated effect - display the current hour & minute - choose application to open - adorable & cute - support Android 3.0 or above too

  • 每日一禪




    每日一禪小工具,每天更新一句禪語,或許能對你有一點助益呢! 小工具是1x4 大小,按下可以開啟APP來看!還可以把禪語分享給朋友呢! v1.5 - Facebook 分享 v1.3 - 按下文字會自動複製, 方便分享 禪語轉載自互聯網,如有問題,請電郵告知。 Keywords: Zen, Positive, Thinking, 禪修,...

  • Lovely Ribbon Clock




    Lovely Ribbon Clock Widget Lovely Ribbon Clock Widget for your Android Home Screen. - Clock Widget - choose application to open - adorable & cute - support Android 3.0 or above too keyword: cute, adorable, clock, ribbon, widget, bitartist

  • FancyFrame Widget




    **** It won't open***** **** it is a widget***** please go to home -> menu -> add widget -> Fancy Frame Widget - support 1x1, 2x2 widget formats - come with 15 different frames - cute , fancy and lovely photo frames. v1.2 - support Galaxy S. Keywords: photo frames, photo widgets.

  • Apple-FM Radio




    Apple-FM - The Hong Kong based internet station for the over 40's, featuring selected music from the 1950 to today. But the station is more than just music, with news from around the world, along with weather and other information on Hong Kong. Apple-FM is also a media partner with Radio...

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