• Words Crush!




    Let's start great words puzzle game! Having a fun by playing addictive levels as discovering brand-new words! Once you begin to play, you will be unaware of the passage of time! The aim of the game is to find all hidden words. With this game you can easily improve your vocabulary,...

  • Roll the Ball: slide puzzle




    Roll The Ball: slide puzzle, a simple addictive puzzle game keep you playing it! Moving the blocks with your finger to create a path for moving the ball to the red GOAL block. But, riveted blocks can't be moved. Easy to learn but hard to master. Are you ready to play? Download and start...

  • Money Clicker Friends




    Have you ever been showered with money in super easy way? Just click and collect your dollars! You can choose Power Click, Bank Account, Life Insurance and Funds to get richer stably. And raise your honor by donating your money. Also you can choose Casino, Money Laundry, Horse Race and Lottery...

  • Block Jam!




    Marvelous "Block Jam!" makes you smarter! It is an attractive 10X10 game with a simple yet special gameplay. Also, Get a fully effective training on logical thinking. You can play anytime and anywhere! We really hope you enjoy it! HOW TO PLAY • Drag the given blocks and drop into...

  • Unblock Red Block!




    Do you like to challenge yourself? Do you love free puzzle games? Unblock Red Block! is a simple, yet a very entertaining and addictive puzzle game. Move disruptive blocks and pull out the RED block. Easy! Let’s go! FEATURES • Helpful for brain-training • Established a hint system helping you...

  • Word Search Bible + christian




    Let's start the adventure at world of words! Search "hidden words" that arranged horizontally, vertically or diagonally. If you want to learn more Biblical words, then try this fun word search game! HOW TO PLAY • Words can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal and even backwards. •...

  • Jigsaw Block!




    "Jigsaw Block!" is a entertaining jigsaw puzzle game for all ages. Simply drag a piece and drop into the grid to complete the puzzle! Start playing Jigsaw Block! FEATURES • Simple rules and easy control • Move pieces in groups • Daily bonus reward • Various packages with beautiful...

  • Valley Climb




    Valley Climb is a new obstacle avoidance flying game. It is an addictive one touch gameplay. Enjoy most exciting and action flying game! HOW TO PLAY • Tap the screen to make the Star climbs. • But be careful! Just don't let me hit the obstacles! • Keep star alive as long as possible!...

  • PopStar Ice




    Fabulous, Gorgeous, Vivid Experiences from Popstar Ice! Beware!! Once you pop, endlessness Challenges will approach to you! Popstar Ice, a simple hyper-addictive game keeps you playing it! No time limit, nevertheless, you will thrill to Popstar Ice when keeping on popping the ice stars to go...

  • Break The Ice: Snow World




    Break The Ice: Snow World is a tile-matching puzzle game. The objective of this game is to move one ice to blank space or swap with adjacent other ice to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more ices. HOW TO PLAY • You can break ices if you arrange ices. • You can't clear level...

  • Block Crush Mania




    Let's enjoy simple and fun block puzzle game! You just need one finger to tap the screen! Touch more than 2 blocks with the same color! Remove the blocks as much as you can! Achieve target score before use all the blocks. # Play with three modes Easy, Normal, Hard. Receive helps from...

  • Don't step on the white block




    Can you distinguish Black and White? then, Test your reflexes and accuracy! That is what it takes to Survive! Game rules are very simple - Don't step on the white block! This Game offers three MODEs • Classic - Long Run, Time Attack, Zen • Arcade - Survival, Rush, Blind • Samurai - Blade...

  • 7.4





    Arrange the blocks in patterns and score points.

  • Sudoku Cafe




    "Sudoku Cafe" is a logic-based puzzle game to fill a 9x9 grid with numbers(1 to 9). From now on, let's enjoy a simple and puzzle game! Once you start, you'll be hooked. HOW TO PLAY • The 9x9 playing board has the nine 3x3 subregions. • Each of the nine 3x3 subregion contains...

  • Solitaire Classic: Klondike




    Enjoy Traditional Solitaire Classic card game with Tidy and Trendy design! "Solitaire Classic: Klondike" is the classic solitaire you know. Enjoy solitaire games for FREE! • Arrange cards in the order of KING to ACE and in Black and Red. • Be sure that new bundles of cards should...

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