• shortenerrr




    URL shortener for realpirates! Share URLs to shortenerrr and let it shorten them using the pirate way! The URL will be shortened using short URLs. You can share your shortened link to any application, for instance your favorite twitter or facebook client. It will display a QR code for...

  • Spickerrr (Piraten Anträge)




    Spickerrr, der Android Antrag Spickzettel (ursprünglich für den Bundesparteitag der Piraten 2012.2, offen für beliebige Parteitage). Spickerrr ist als Android Version des "Spickzettel" für die Anträge beim Bundesparteitag der Piraten 2012.2 erstellt worden. Allerdings ist er so...

  • Superious (Posterous Spaces)




    Free Mobile Manager for your Posterous Spaces. Posterous is a free blogging and media sharing service with powerful networking features. Articles and media posted to Posterous will automatically be spread to your Facebook, Twitter,, tumblr, picasa, youtube and many more accounts....

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