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  • BF4 Stats




    Why did the app disappear? Read: The successor of 'Battlefield BF3 Stats', which was the most popular BF3 stats app on Google Play Store. Check your own and your friends' Battlefield 4 player...

  • BF4 Stats Premium




    The premium version removes ads and unlocks extra features for BF4 Stats. The app presents statistics and information about Battlefield 4 players in a beautiful user interface. Advantages with premium: - Removes all ads. - Tabs can be reconfigured: change ordering, remove unwanted tabs. -...

  • BF3 Stats




    Best looking and most complete BF3 stats app on the market! Designed for both phones and tablets. Stats and images are provided by No login required. NB! This is not an official app! Buy Premium version to get rid of ads, unlocked dogtags and option to change tabs order and...

  • Chess Saldo




    Denne appen gir deg oversikt over saldoen for ringeminutter, sms, mms og datatrafikk, samt foreløpig forbruk i kroner for Chess abonnement og kontantkort. Saldo-informasjonen hentes direkte fra Chess sine servere og vil være identisk til hva den offisielle appen presenterer. Appen inkluderer...

  • BF3 Stats Premium




    Premium adds the following features: - Removes all ads - Unlocks dogtags, adds better dogtag overview in general - Option to change tabs order, disable individual tabs You need both this app and Battlefield BF3 Stats installed! Important!!!: If you bought this app before 30. January, and...

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