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    Untangle Me Extreme

    Play fabulous logic and board game. What you need to do is simple and complex in the same time: - all dots on screen are connected by lines - move dots around screen, and find solution where lines are not crossed. - grey dots are locked, you cannot move them First levels are easy, but try solving more complex levels. Features: - FREE TO PLAY - C…

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    Download Tank Warriors Tank Warriors icon
    Tank Warriors

    Goal is to conquer all cities on map. To do it, create army from city which you have at start and conquer other cities. Few tips: 1) click on city twice to open city dialog to create army 2) click on army and then click on target point 3) click on end turn button - it will move armies Good luck!

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    Download Turn me on Turn me on icon
    Turn me on

    Logic game - never get boring ;) Goal is to make all squares green on board. Rules: 1) You can connect squares by taping on one and drag to other 2) there can be only one connection between the same squares Colors: yellow - you must connect more lines green - it's ok red - you must remove some connections using trash on line Good luck and ha…

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    Download Color Blast Color Blast icon
    Color Blast

    Great logic and board game for long evenings :) Your target is to make color lines from happy faces on board. When you put at least 5 balls in the same color in line then they will break and explode! Features (new will be added in next updates): - bomb (use it when you are stuck) - save game (you can continue last game) - falling particles - mult…

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    Download Tripeaks Cards Pyramid Tripeaks Cards Pyramid icon
    Tripeaks Cards Pyramid

    Simple tripeaks/solitaire game. Simple solitaire game with rules: 1) There are 3 stacks of cards 2) Check visible card on left and click on any visible card on right stack which is 1 number above or below card on left. 3) If you cannot click on left stack, so new card will be served (there is number of available cards) 4) Try to remove all cards f…

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    Download Color lines Color lines icon
    Color lines

    Move balls to make vertical or horizontal lines. Rules are simple: 1) You can move ball by click on it, and then click on empty field. 2) If you make vertical, horizontal or diagonal line with at least 4 balls the same color, they will disappear 3) How long can you play? Good brain trainer. Give your feedback to my mail.

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    Download Blocks Break Blocks Break icon
    Blocks Break

    Simple casual game where you can compete with other players online! Rules: 1) click on first square 2) find square in the same color and in the same row or column 3) between those squares there must be at least 2 other squares 4) After click those squares will disappear. Gain as much as you can and be the best player!

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    Download Sudoku Sudoku icon

    Classic sudoku game. Put numbers into empty field with rules: 1) number cannot repeat in the same row 2) number cannot repeat in the same column 3) number cannot repeat in square 3x3 (see bit different colors of board). Train your skills :) Comments, suggestions or ratings are welcome.

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    Download Stalingrad Stalingrad icon

    Defend your motherland from attackers! Classing defense game - put turrets, and upgrade them to destroy any passing enemy. Every time enemy passes screen, you will lost life! This is developer version - if you have any idea, drop a mail. In mean time new features will be added all the time.

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