• Cat Teaser




    This is a cat meow soundboard. Play it for your dogs and cats and the results can be quite amusing. Unfortunately not all animals react to the same degree. One of my cats will single out my speakers as the location of the trapped cat and paw at them, whereas my other cat, umm, couldn't care...

  • Paper Calendar




    So, this is my solution to what I don't like about every calendar I have ever used. I don't like complicated UI, I don't like alarms, I don't use the snappy features. I wanted something that would function more like a paper wall calendar. I wanted something less annoying. There...

  • Dog Teaser




    Get your dog's attention by speaking his language! The 25 different soundbites included will can get hilarious reactions from your dogs or cats. Unfortunately it won't work for every one of your animals but when it does it can be very amusing. Thanks for downloading and let me know how...

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