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  • CEO Custom Cakes

    CEO Custom Cakes




    For several years, Courtney Olivari has produced outstanding culinary creations for the most discerning clientele. CEO Custom Cakes was started by Courtney with the intention of providing gourmet desserts to the Atlanta community. We specialize in creating upscale customized items for your...

  • DJ Disspare

    DJ Disspare




    DJ DISSPARE is highly motivated, passionate and incredibly talented, and is constantly pushing in the right direction and brings with him many years of experience rocking crowds,dmc's, tour dj , radio ( streetkilllaz on, hosting & releasing groundbreaking mixtapes...

  • Myles Miller Motivation

    Myles Miller Motivation




    Born in Detroit, MI in 1978, Myles W. Miller, President and CEO of Lion Heart Enterprises, is known to his friends and family as a hard-working, loving, kind, compassionate, creative, and inspirational young man. He is a dynamic teacher and personal coach, a compelling and prolific writer, a...

  • Doc Reid

    Doc Reid




    Living the life you deserve to live is a choice only you can make for yourself. I encourage you to think much Bigger. Greatness is found in the moments of your decisions. Keywords: DocReid, The Dream Catcher Group, Motivation, Believe, Alpha Phi Alpha, Michigan

  • Talk with Taj Show

    Talk with Taj Show




    Taj Longino manages more than a radio host and the face behind Go Get It Promotions and Talk With Taj. Taj's commitment to leading his fan-base with thought-provoking celebrity interviews stems from a determination to expose the unknown. Taj began his career in the entertainment industry in...

  • HHAD





    The official HHAD mobile app lets you view pictures, watch videos, and stay connected to the latest updates from the Hip Hop Ain't Dead Blog! H.H.A.D. Blog is about good music being showcased. The videos and albums posted on this site are highlighted because it is music that we would play in...

  • Kalyko





    The official Kalyko mobile app lets you view pictures, watch videos, and stay connected to the latest updates from Kalyko! Kalyko was born Kory Wilson on March 5, in Lakenheath, England on a military base. At the age of 3 he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where his family originated. Kalyko started...

  • Hip-Hop 101

    Hip-Hop 101




    The official Hip-Hop 101 mobile app lets you view pictures, watch videos, and stay connected to the latest updates from DJ Mike Swift! The app also allows you to listen the weekly podcast via the call-in number. Hip Hop 101 parties are an Old School, Hip-Hop event that Atlanta hasn't seen...

  • Dead End Hip Hop

    Dead End Hip Hop




    Dead End is a media company focused on providing coverage of hip-hop and conversations surrounding the culture. With over 22,000 subscribers, DEHH is growing at a phenomenal rate all while building a community of hip hop thinkers and activists. Dead End Hip Hop Conversations is a weekly YouTube...

  • Andrea's Highlights

    Andrea's Highlights




    There's more to life than just waking up and running around doing things most of us don't want to do. The beauty in life comes when we take a step back, gather our thoughts and enjoy the moment . LIVE IN THE MOMENT and ENJOY what life has for you. Take a look through my vision to explore...

  • King Royce Castro

    King Royce Castro




    Born and raised from Lawnside, New Jersey Royce Castro is one of the most versatile artist in hip hop very advanced free mind heavily influenced by life huge Jimi Hendrix Kurt Cobain Gil Scott Heron head featured on mixtapes internationally hosted by dj Kingflow of FRANCE and DJ Danny-T of...

  • ATLRemix





    The Remix is ON THE AIR Every Friday Night from 3a - 6a EST with Gerald Olivari, DJ Yogi, and Big Dee View pictures and videos. Download the show. You can also call and text us directly from the app. Keywords: ATLRemix, The Remix, DJ Cisco, Gerald Olivari, WRFG, 89.3 FM, Atlanta Radio, Isabel...

  • DJ Skitz

    DJ Skitz


    DJ SKITZ's musical inclination developed early. As a young boy growing up surrounded by musical talent from both father and brother, he was able to nurture a deep appreciation for music. DJ SKITZ developed a fascination with the turntables that would soon help to form and create his personal...

  • TSOTS Productions

    TSOTS Productions




    TSOTS Productions is an online internet talk radio show. We offer a variety of shows all with the intent of giving your perspective from your everyday person. Uncensored, unfiltered, and most importantly always REAL. Keywords: BlogTalkRadio, Online Radio, Two Sides Productions, His and Hers

  • DeKesha Williams

    DeKesha Williams


    DeKesha Williams, a Business Strategist and Leadership Development Trainer, is the owner of Vizions Consulting. Driven by a sincere desire to inspire, motivate and educate; Ms. Williams is committed to leading her clients towards success. Ms. Williams leverages over 17 years of experience in...

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