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    Shows almost all Information about your Device: Display: Resulution, DPI, etc. WLAN: active, connectec, ip, mac, ssid, etc. Phone: active. sim-Serial, roaming, Operator Location: gps / network location info Sensor-data: all Sensors with Name, vendor, resolution etc. Disk-Usage SD-Usage Memory...

  • Zabbr (Zabbix Widget)

    Zabbr (Zabbix Widget)




    Displays all active Triggers from Zabbix as Desktop-Widget. There are two sizes of the widget available. It can be opened (via click on widget) and account-data can be set. The apps shows the hole list of triggers in a scrollable list.

  • OpenVPN GUI (Root)

    OpenVPN GUI (Root)




    This Program allows you to start and stop your OpenVPN connections. You can set the path where your config files are and where your OpenVPN binary is. more infos at Root required! 1.1 modprobe tun is optional at startup 1.2 removes pid file 1.3...

  • sms77 - save money

    sms77 - save money




    This program uses the sms77 API to send sms messages. An sms without source identifier is 3.5 eurocent, with source identifier 7.9 eurocent. An fast and easy app to save money. You need to have an account from sms77

  • Autostart (Root)

    Autostart (Root)




    This application runs /data/opt/ as root after booting the device and finishes. /data/opt/ not provided. You need to create it and fill some commands you wanna run at startup. "swapon /sdcard/swap.img" for example Root required

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