• FlashLight




    An android color flashlight with dimmer controls! *** Does Not use the LED camera flash. The brightest screen is not as bright as the LED flash, but it can use less battery and change colors. - Adjustable brightness dimmer - Pick flashlight color - Bright as possible screen - No ads - Safe...

  • StarBlock Free




    This game was made in one hour (actually 72 minutes) for the 0hour game development challenge. Use your green shield to protect yourself. Move the shield by touching the screen. Hint: To be safe, block stars a little way away from spaceman. I was able to get to level 30 on a...

  • SpeedTrack


    ** Introductory Price! Half price: $1.99, normally $3.99 ! ** Have you ever gotten a $120 speeding ticket? Speed cameras are everywhere! And with the economy, every city is issuing more tickets to bring in more revenue. Fight back with SpeedTrack! Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket in the...

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