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  • Roses.





    --- Who's crazy enough about Roses to create an app about it? Victoria is! --- Victoria's Roses App gives you - amazing tips on Rose Gardening, - lessons on: * how to take care of your rose garden * how to plant different roses, black roses, red roses, purple roses and more... *...

  • Arab.





    The Best App to Get! Want to know about the Arab Culture, Arab Movie Industry, Arab Music and Songs... All things Arab! Here's what you will find inside this App: * News and Information on Arab Culture, the middle east! * Arabic Art, Arabic Movies, Arabic Songs,Arabic Music... * Resources to...

  • Abu Dhabi.

    Abu Dhabi.




    -- IMPORTANT: Are visiting Abu Dhabi UAE on a Holiday, Business or Looking for Job Opportunities in Abu Dhabi? OR even if you live in Abu Dhabi, don't go another day without this App -- The Abu Dhabi City Guide turns the marvellous city of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates into a land of...

  • Online Shopping!

    Online Shopping!




    "Imagine if you could snap your fingers and find the best deal on something you want. Well now you can! With this Online Shopping App, you'll find the bestselling, top rated, most popular items. 3 easy steps - 1) Choose your favorite items and add them to Shopping Cart. 2) Make your...

  • In Dubai.

    In Dubai.




    "--- IMPORTANT: If you are visiting Dubai or even live in Dubai, don't go another day without this app --" The Dubai City Guide turns the marvellous city of Dubai into a land of knowledge, inspiration, history and tips. With the Dubai City Guide, you'll find all the nooks and...

  • Meet!





    Love Meeting New People? Want to keep in touch with Classmates? or Simply interested in Social Networking? Then this App is for YOU! What you will see on the inside: * Making Friends Online and where to find them. * Tips and Updates on Social Networking including Twitter, Facebook and other...

  • Golf.





    This APP is a definite guide for everyone interested in Golfing! Here's what you will find on the Inside: * News on Golf Courses and Tournaments World-wide * Golf Lessons Videos. Watch and Learn from Pro's. * Golf Events around the world to keep you informed * Reviews on Golf Clubs,...

  • Cartoon Comics.

    Cartoon Comics.




    Love Cartoons and Comics? Here's an App that gives you information you couldn't find ANYWHERE else about Cartoon and Comics Online? I'm talkin Daily Cartoons, Comic Strips, Articles, News and more. All in One! Here's a lil taste of what you'll find: *News on Cartoon...

  • Hanuman





    The Best app to Get! Ever reciting a scripture in your head and can’t forget one part and wish you had your copy with you? Now you don’t have to worry! This app includes some of the best and more popular Hindu scriptures Ramayana Hanumanji Movies Hanuman Pictures Lyrics of Hindu Prayers Hindu...

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